This Art Exhibit Has Gone To the Dogs — Design News

(Image credit: Mikael Buck/courtesy More Than)

There are lots of ways to entertain your pup, but taking them to an art opening is not often on the list. But one London designer hosted an exhibit exclusively for four-legged friends, and it was best in show.

(Image credit: Mikael Buck/courtesy More Than)

Created by Dominic Wilcox, the exhibit featured art hung at doggy eye level (instead of the requisite 57″ on center for humans). There were also interactive exhibits, like Dinnertime Dreams, a 10-foot-wide dog bowl filled with kibble-like play balls; Watery Wonder, a dancing water sculpture with sprays that jump from bowl to bowl; and Cruising Canines, an open car window simulator, complete with a rotating background and industrial fan.

World’s Art Exhibition for Dogs was sponsored by More Than, a UK insurance agency as part of their campaign #PlayMore to encourage more playtime with your pets.

Unfortunately, the exhibit’s run ended earlier this month, but here’s hoping it goes on tour.


From Sour Couple To Power Couple: 5 Habits That Will Power Up Your Marriage

From Sour Couple To Power Couple- 5 Habits That Will Power Up Your Marriage

We all know them…

Those couples who seem to have it all together.

They accomplish things together. They play together.

They genuinely seem happy and content.

They seem to have it all…

They are a Power Couple.

What’s their secret?

What is it that they’re doing to make their relationship so strong and enduring?

The secret is…

They work at their relationship. Every. Day. 

What isn’t a secret is that you can have this kind of relationship too!

By replacing a few of those old energy-draining habits with some powerful new habits… you and your partner can power out of your relationship rut and into the marriage you’ve always wanted.

So what are these powerful habits?

Let’s take a look.

Power Couples Communicate

Power couples know that communicating is more than just “talking” to each other. They are open and genuine in expressing their feelings and needs.

They are present in the moment (yes, that means you have to put down the cell phone). They seek to understand first instead of thinking of their next response.

Power couples regularly engage in deep, emotional discussions that tap into a level of emotional intimacy that just “talking” misses. They nurture that emotional connection that is so vital to marital satisfaction.

If you need one more reason to improve your communication here it is…

Emotional intimacy lays the foundation for physical intimacy. Yes, a satisfying marital sex life starts in the head not in the… you know what.

Power Couples Invest In Their Relationship

Power couples know that what they put into the relationship will come back to them ten-fold. They make an effort, do the work and take the time necessary to keep the relationship healthy.

When you invest in your relationship… you trust what you give will grow. However if you invest nothing… you have zero chance of a return.

Investing sometimes means doing the hard things even when you don’t want to.

Compromising when you want to argue or seeing the positive in your partner even when they’re at their worst. Those kinds of actions build trust and commitment. Investing signals to your spouse, “You are worth the effort”.

Power Couples Make Intimacy A Priority

Power couples know that intimacy is much more than just having sex. Intimacy is that emotional closeness between you and your partner that allows you both to let down your guard and share your innermost personal feelings.

Intimacy grows from spending quality time together. Power couples make it a point to do the little everyday things that connect them as a couple – like making it a priority to eat dinner together or taking an evening stroll. They create little everyday rituals that run through their lives like a thread keeping them connected.

Power couples know the power of thoughtful gestures: snuggling, hugging, hand-holding, sweet words – those little things that create closeness.

And here’s a bonus… Couples with higher levels of emotional intimacy tend to report greater satisfaction with their sex lives. And speaking of sex…

Power Couples Get Physical

Emotional intimacy is important but let’s face it… we like to have sex too! Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship. Sadly, it’s also one of the first things that can fall by the wayside when life gets in the way.

Not connecting lately?

Power couples know that sometimes you have to leave a trail. A well-placed sexy note, a provocative text… even a whispered sweet nothing can bring your partner’s attention to the here and now.

Power couples know that you have to prioritize sexy time. Date nights, a spontaneous rendezvous, a surprise weekend getaway… even penciling yourself into your partner’s calendar can all keep sex on the schedule and just a little bit spicy.

The bottom line is… keep sex as a top priority.

Power Couples Fight Fair

Make no mistake… even power couples have their conflicts.

What sets them apart is the way they fight. Power couples know that when handled the right way conflicts are an opportunity for growth in the relationship.

So what does “fair fighting” mean?

In healthy relationships it means listening to understand each other’s feelings. It means looking for a solution and being willing to meet each other in the middle.

Fair fighting sometimes means apologizing when you need to. Yes, even power couples have to apologize sometimes. Hurtful words do tremendous damage. Once said aloud they can never be taken back.

If they do come out… a sincere apology can help the healing process to begin. Power couples know the power of accountability and forgiveness.

A marriage is not a contest and power couples know this. It’s not about “winners and losers”. It’s about finding solutions that empower you as a couple.

Want to learn more ways to power up your marriage? If so, you need to see this:

Investing in your relationship is the single most important thing you can do to build a strong, empowered and satisfying love.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can reap the rewards.

Total Marriage Makeover

Be sure to check it out today…your spouse will definitely thank you for it!




Home “Alone”: Small Space Hacks for Creating Privacy At Home

We’re all about small space living here at Apartment Therapy, but even we admit that it can be difficult to find privacy in a tiny home. But whether it’s from the other people in your household, occasional guests, your neighbors or even just your own work, separation can be achieved. Read on for some ideas on how to carve a bit of “me space” in your place.

In the lead image, a half-wall with interior windows separates parent and child sleeping areas, while still maintaining flow and light levels—so important in a small space.

Here, a raised platform adds storage to a small space, and a curtain in a track makes two rooms out of one. So smart, project by INT2 Architecture.

Privacy isn’t always about being completely invisible or separate from others. Soft, translucent curtains in this apartment create a delineation of sleeping and living spaces, while filtering the light. (via Today’s Parent)

Depending on their placement and use, solid pieces of furniture can act like room dividers, freestanding walls and storage, all at once. Here, a custom piece (on wheels!) we found on VT Wonen is a wardrobe and creates a bedroom in a larger space.

Not all homes have the height necessary for a mezzanine or loft, but it’s a great idea for those that do. Even a small sleeping loft or reading nook can give that much-needed personal space (no matter your age), as seen in this teen’s room from French By Design.

Sometimes, you crave privacy from outside—plants hung in a bathroom window like this one from Planete Deco filter views in but allow light to fill the space (and look fantastic).

Dividers aren’t just for sleeping areas: here, classic IKEA Expedit shelving (with built-in joinery surrounding it) creates a private and functional entryway.

No room for a home office? Think again with a closet-turned-workspace. Perfect for small space dwellers who work from home, and want to be able to shut the office away at the end of the day. (via One Kind Design)


Before & After: A Kitchen Goes From Builder Grade Blue to Sophisticated Black & White

Danica’s new house came with an old kitchen, and she knew it had to go. With a nice layout and some Craigslist luck on her side she was able to DIY her way to a gorgeous updated kitchen.

From Danica: We moved into our home last year and the first project we tackled was the horribly boring builder grade kitchen. The layout was great but the oak cabinets, white laminate and checker backsplash needed some serious updating.

After weeks of research and anticipation, I got to work on demoing as soon as we got the keys ! It was a massive DIY project that took on a life of its own. We replaced the square tile backsplash with a classic subway tile and dark grout, painted the existing cabinets, traded the countertops out for a stained wood, switched out the boring island for a hand carved dresser with Carrara marble counter (Craigslist find!) and finally replaced all of the appliances.

I now wake up to such a beautiful kitchen that puts a smile on my face everyday. So worth it!


SPONSORED POST: The Comfortable, Flexible Look of the Farmhouse Style — Sponsored by Value City Furniture

Is there anyone more qualified to find the balance of contemporary style and old-time charm than Joanna Gaines? In designing her exclusive line of furniture and accessories, Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines, she used her unique eye for bringing vintage comforts into today’s homes.

Classic, elegant and comfortable, the Farmhouse style of decorating is all about keeping things simple and organic. And pretty much any home can embrace the Farmhouse vibe regardless of the landscape that surrounds it. One of the convenient aspects of the Farmhouse style is its flexibility: You can use your own personal decor along with vintage furniture to bring in a touch of your own personality.

The Farmhouse Scallop Bed

The Farmhouse Scallop Bed‘s paneled head- and footboards with scalloped trim give the feeling of a rustic, well-lived-in home. Piled high with quilts and comforters, this bed would make a cozy hideaway on a cold night, but its light color and open, airy quality keep it a solid choice in the warmer months.

The Farmhouse Archive Buffet Bench (back) with Farmhouse Round Table (front)

Mimicking the practical charm of a utility cabinet in an old general store, the Farmhouse Archive Buffet Bench is a handsome piece of furniture with practical organizational value. Its toffee-colored stain illustrates a key facet of the Farmhouse style: mixing different shades of wood to make your space warm and welcoming. Don’t worry about matching everything precisely — pair this piece with the white bed above, or with other darker and lighter items in your home, to create an easygoing, eclectic vibe.

The Farmhouse Keeping Table

And finally, the Farmhouse Keeping Table brings up the comfy memories of the good old days — when people were less plugged in but more connected and when we just gathered around the dinner table to talk.

Check out the new Magnolia Home Collection by Joanna Gaines, now available at Value City Furniture.

This post is sponsored by Value City Furniture.
Thank you for supporting the brands that make Apartment Therapy possible.


Grey Bedrooms: Ideas To Rock A Great Grey Theme

Grey-based palettes are wonderfully flexible. They can reflect cool hues or warm, they can adapt to industrial interiors or smooth modern styles, they can be a tool of expression for the minimalist and the artist alike. This post looks at six bedrooms that put their grey color schemes to good use – each one reflecting a different side of this versatile neutral. If you’re looking for bedroom color inspiration and think grey might be the right choice, these creative spaces just might encourage you to take the leap. Or, if you’re looking for new ways to spice up your existing grey bedroom, ideas abound below.

Visualizer: KRoom  

This spacious 30 square meter bedroom takes a simple and striking approach to its color palette. Hot pink accents make an immediate impression within the otherwise calm greyscale interior, turning ordinary features like textiles and chairs into dramatic focal points.

Stripes are one of the few decorative patterns that reoccur throughout, with the majority of ornamental emphasis placed on texture alone.

Lighting combines practicality and aesthetic appeal. Mini pendants illuminates the side table, sconces highlight a crane print, and a strip of warm light above the headboard wall casts soft mood lighting over the entire room.

The resident can relax with a book or cozy cup of coffee in the comfortable corner reading nook near the window, furnished by a gorgeous armchair from the Aston collection by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Across from the reading nook, a collection of decorative curio offers a place to rest the eye while daydreaming.

Much of the decor, including these tall black vases, includes some tie-in with natural materials.

Other details, especially near the bed, forego direct natural references and instead delight with their curvaceous organic forms.

The only piece of visual artwork to hang on the walls hides in the closet against a background of vivid fuchsia. A distinctively framed mirror offers just enough height for dressing.

Visualizer: Hasankhani Tabriza  

Pastel accents and smooth natural materials soften the effect of the greyscale elements in this neutral bedroom. Defined by the basics but enhanced by a sense of understated luxury, this bedroom fosters a comfortable and casual environment that still manages to stoke envy at every turn.

Despite the streamlined appeal, this room still maintains plenty of breathing room for personal expression, often through artwork.

In the corner, warm curtains and a plush seating arrangement create a lovely environment for casual socialization or morning tea. The chairs are a design by Patricia Urquiola.

Unique lighting elements keep the space bright. Eye-catching features include the faux fireplace, indirect LED strips, and – the crowning piece – a fabulous chandelier by Gino Sarfatti.

The pendant lights over the bedside tables are from the IC Collection by Michael Anastassiades, delivering a touch of brass elegance.

Of course, it’s impossible to miss the fantastic walk-in closet! Frosted cabinet faces soften the outline of shelved apparel, while coordinated boxes conceal any hint of clutter.

Visualizer: Andrew Repn  

Check out this super bright design! The forms seem to retain a strong minimalist element, but the bright yellow headboard area pops out from the greyscale surroundings and definitely pushes this space more toward the side of futurism. High-end furniture and lighting makes a strong statement with their sculptural forms.

The opposite side of the room remains minimalistic so the resident can fall asleep easily at night and study at the desk without distraction.

Visualizer: Landusheva Nastia   

Designed for a young single man, this apartment turns soft greyscale tones into urban flare with a strong industrial approach. Textural concrete reflects the apartment’s urban location on the 30th floor of a city high rise. Despite the emphasis on rugged materials, bold textiles help soften the aesthetic for a more comfortable and relaxing experience.

Despite the cohesive palette, contrast still plays an important role in the interior theme. Minimalist artwork paired with a traditional rug is just one of the juxtapositions that stick out most.

It’s rare to find a space that takes delight in the hard edges of industrial decor while still prioritizing comfort. The bed is obviously the center of the space – the mattress looks like it could sink right through the overstuffed frame.

Adjustable wall lights offer easy reading before bed.

The layout is quite smart. While the bedroom proper enjoys a flood of sunlight, a walk-in closet occupies a portion of the wall that doesn’t host a window.

Slatted doors still allow ample light to penetrate the interior.


Homey and eclectically decorated, this bedroom is nowhere as minimalistic as the other homes in this post. Signs of a well-lived life flourish everywhere the eye comes to rest. It’s a relatively compact space for all of the things it accomplishes – boasting plenty of storage, workspace, and artwork. Here, the greyscale color theme serves as a casual neutral between the colorful decorations.

Bookshelves occupy the wall to the left of the bed. The small side table and accompanying lamp make it easy to read right up until bedtime.

The right hand side fills a gap with a neat little desk and another bookshelf. Workspace continues to wrap around to the wardrobe wall.

Wardrobe space and small upper cabinets fill in the rest of the space between the desk and the media table.

Visualizer: Thanh Minh  

Graphic design enthusiasts are sure to appreciate this bedroom. Although the layout accommodates two young siblings, the style itself absolutely transcends age or lifestyle. Yellow details pop out against the background of soft grey, allowing bold patterns to share the room without overwhelming the strict focus of the decor.

Typography, sculpture, and bold geometric forms demonstrate innovative application of today’s most popular design trends.

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Egypt Date Night

Egypt Date Night

Aug 30th 2016


Egypt Themed Date Night

“Around-the-World” Date #10

We are SUPER pumped about our newest project, A Year of Around-the-World Dates! {Psst… If you haven’t heard about it yet, make sure you go check it out NOW!!} Today we’re presenting number 10 of our global getaways, and let me assure you, it’s definitely a TEN! You and your main squeeze are about to experience the wonders and mystery of Egypt! You’ll be building pyramids, decoding hieroglyphics and enjoying delicious food. The only thing missing here is the sandy dessert and a trusty camel to ride off into the sunset with your love!

Egypt Themed Date Night

What’s Included?!

  • Egypt Date Night Cover Page
  • Egyptian Scroll Date Invitation
  • Egyptian Dishes Recipe Cards
  • Hieroglyphic Love Note Activity
  • Bedroom Treasure Pyramid
  • BONUS Ideas Page

We asked the talented Cassia, from Cassia Leigh Designs, to design these Egypt date night printables for us. These Egyptian themed printables turned out so awesome! I love the rich blues and golds, makes me feel like royalty! Just wait until you see what she’s created for you!

Country Cover Page

Egypt Date Night Cover

Egypt Date Night Printables

Each of our “Around the World” Dates comes with a fun Country Cover Page. Our Egypt Date Night Cover features The Great Pyramids. Just glue it to the front of a manila envelope and stick all of your Egypt Date Night Printables inside. That way it’s all in one place and ready for you whenever you are.


Egyptian Scroll Invitation

Egypt Date Invite

Use this fun Scroll Invitation to give your spouse a hint at what’s in store for your date! Just use colorful straws or small wooden dowels to attach to each end. Your sweetheart will unroll all the deets for your Egyptian adventure!

Recipe Cards

Traditional Egyptian Beef Skewers & Rice Crispy Pyramids

Egypt Date Recipe Cards

Egypt Date Rice Krispy Pyramids

For dinner, use our printable recipe cards to whip up some Kofta – delicious & flavorful beef skewers. For dessert and an additional activity, build your own pyramids out of rice crispy treats!


Hieroglyphic Love Notes Decoder

Egypt Date Hieroglyphic Love Notes

We’re taking love notes to the next level here! Use the decoder to write a short love note (or long, if you’re feeling ambitious!) to your sweetie. Then swap and decode the secret, encrypted messages of love!

Intimate Activity

Sexy Bedroom Treasure Box

Egypt Date Bedroom Treasure Pyramid

Present your lover with a special pyramid shaped bedroom treasure box – inside will reveal a small bedroom toy, lacy panties, or a seductive note! Then, the rest is up to YOU two!! (WINK!)

Bonus Ideas Page

If you need MORE fabulous ideas for your Egypt Date Night, we’ve even included a BONUS page full of fun, Egypt-themed movies and activities for you to try. My favorite idea is creating your own desert oasis spa! Yep, we’ve thought of everything!

And you can get it all for only… $2.99

Add To Cart

Add To Cart


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