You Can’t Hurry Trust

Source: Madalinlonut/Pixabay Linda: When Joyce and Barry were both twenty-five, something happened that Joyce was completely unprepared for. Barry had an affair with her best friend. Neither of them could lie nor conceal the truth, so she found out about the affair because Barry told her about it immediately after it happened. But what was … Continue reading You Can’t Hurry Trust


101 Couples Halloween Costumes

We've gathered some of our favorite couples Halloween costumes in one place, so look no further - you're sure to find something to suit your personalities! The post 101 Couples Halloween Costumes appeared first on The Dating Divas.


I’ve been a professor for over 20 years and have spent the bulk of this time working to end violence against women. I also spent many years working as a counselor with violent men and worked with survivors of violence. I teach about intimacy and violence. Every. Single. Semester. Consequently, I am also faced with many … Continue reading #Campusrape

Monogamy: It’s Not What You Think

Source: Istock by Getty Images “Couples often fight over contracts they've never made.” — Mary Klein, sex therapist One of the phrases we often hear in these chaotic times is “the new normal”—in other words, what was once considered an unquestioned standard has evolved into something we couldn’t have imagined before. Especially when it comes to … Continue reading Monogamy: It’s Not What You Think

How Should We Treat People Who Have Abused Their Power?

Source: Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia, from Flickr The #metoo movement, which is now almost a year old, has revealed just how exploitative, abusive, and predatory some people are, at least from the perspective of their victims. As a result of this increased exposure, we are all more likely to think twice before engaging in acts that are, … Continue reading How Should We Treat People Who Have Abused Their Power?

Love Lives (and Dies) by Excitement

I’m writing a book called Shakespeare and the Art of Love. My basic premise for it—and for Shakespeare’s Love Lessons—is this: if you have questions about love, literature has answers. Many authors offer these answers, and some of the best ones are Shakespeare’s. Nearly all popular books on love refer to Shakespeare as an authority, … Continue reading Love Lives (and Dies) by Excitement