On the Hunt for the Weird and Cool? Check out Reuse America Vintage Warehouse — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Say what you will about odd find for the home but I tend to gravitate to them. In my living room hangs a 5-foot marquee letter Y — an impulse purchase from Marketplace. It comes with a fun story: it was once used in a Korean beer commercial featuring Psy of Gangnam Style-fame.

Unusual finds—big and small—can add a special something to your space to make it stand apart. It’s why I’m constantly checking Reuse America Vintage Warehouse’s Marketplace corner. They are a Brooklyn seller with a mix of furnishings and oddities. You could head over to their warehouse in Bushwick to poke around but this seller does a great job of constantly adding new inventory to our online Marketplace, such as a vintage outdoor lucite lounge chaise and letterpress bookshelves. Here are a few of their listings which would add a little dose of strange and cool to your home.

How cool are these letterpress printing blocks? Featuring fashion catalog images from the 1960’s, this find is truly special. Not sure what you’d do with them? Well, hang them up for a mini gallery wall or use the stamps to create your own wallpaper or artwork. Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $10-25 each.

New York City signage is known worldwide but this vintage 8th Avenue subway sign is a rare find. It’s made of porcelain long before all metro signs were redone in metal and wood. You can buy subway sign reproductions but you’ll be hard press to come across another one featuring the retro typography. Hang it up in your home as a conversation piece of art. Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $3,000.

Looking for a stately sculpture to add to your mantel? Why not use a vintage horse head? These handsome equestrian models are made of cast iron. You could also use one as a doorstop since they are large and heavy. Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $250 each.

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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