Everything You Need to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers (& Nothing More Than $30) — Cheap Thrills

Your kitchen drawers are probably the hardest working drawers in your home, expected to wrangle oddly-shaped gadgets, handle spills, prevent stains, protect knife blades, protect fingers from knife blades, sort flatware, corral rolling spice jars, and basically keep everything organized so that you can keep everyone fed. These handy items will help keep your kitchen running smoothly, each for under $30.

Treat yourself to the peppiest drawers a kitchen has ever known with these stackable trays in a variety of sizes. Use them single-file for flatware and utensils, or stack lesser-used items under more in-demand ones in the junk drawer. Since you can see through them, you’ll never lose something in them forever.

If you like amazing colors but would prefer your drawer dividers to be flexible and opaque, Poppin has a fantastic selection.

All the ease of use and edge protection of a knife block, without cluttering up valuable counter space! Keep your knives safely stowed with this handy tray, and add more trays to organize/accommodate all of your knives.

InterDesign’s Linus line includes a large variety of sizes of plastic organizers as well as stand-alone bins. These clear drawer organizers are idea for adding order to a kitchen junk drawer without adding any visual clutter.

Drawer Organizers at The Container Store, $15.99-$26.99/set of 2

These are so smart, and absolutely perfect for renters. They come in two depths—regular and deep (shown)—expand from 18″-22″ and have rubber pads to keep them from moving. Use them to organize flatware, utensils, and everything else in your life.

This drawer organizer—it also comes in a flatware version—is perfect for renters, commitment-phobes, and anyone who frequently augments/purges their gadget collection.

If you don’t want to be constricted by dividers—even expandable ones—line your utensil drawer with cork, which will keep everything from sliding around when you open and close the drawers. A trimmable, removable, reusable cork sheet, “Absorbs moisture but resists mold and mildew,” while cushioning your precious tools and even glassware.

This system is totally customizable, allowing you to place your tools first, and add the dividers last, so they’re exactly where you want them.

Here’s another way to keep knives nice and neat in your drawer; this model holds seven knives in various sizes.

Keep your spice jars orderly—and their labels visible—with these clever little inserts that cradle them in place.

This is ideal for organizing jars of spices and sanding sugars, and would leave room in most drawers for spices and sugars that don’t come in jars (tins and so on).

This is like the platonic ideal of a flatware tray, and it will look great filled with your steel utensils. Love that extra compartment for pickle forks, teeny spoons, and what-not!

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