Before & After: A First Time Homeowner Kicks Up the Curb Appeal

First things first: congrats to Amanda on purchasing her first home! Taking the plunge can be nerve-wracking, exciting and is always a very big deal. (We’ve got some tips on making it less scary if you need them.) After settling in to her new abode, the next step was to tackle the exterior, which Amanda felt needed a little boost. With the help of a few family members, a super smart paint job and flower power, the home has a fresh look and a whole lot of curb appeal.

From Amanda: After several months of searching to buy my first home I stumbled upon this house in a neighborhood built for WWII vets on Craigslist. The exterior was grungy, with a dirty cream color with faded red accents, and overgrown shrubs. A couple of months after moving in, I began searching for a painter to help me spruce up the outside.

(Image credit: Submitted by Amanda)

I tested some swatches and ended up with Sherwin-Williams Sea Serpent. I hired a professional and the painting cost about $2,800. They also painted the pillars, both porches and all the trim.

My grandmother and uncle surprised me with window boxes for my birthday and they really tied the whole look together. I also recently updated the house numbers and replanted with window boxes. The garden is always a work in progress and I plan on painting the front door soon.

I LOVE the after. The color pops and makes the almost 70-year-old house look so new! The window boxes add so much cheer.

(Image credit: Submitted by Amanda)

Amanda’s words of wisdom: I would recommend getting multiple quotes for painters. My guy wasn’t the most widely-advertised but gave me a fantastic price and outcome.

Thank you so much, Amanda!

The enticing exteriors don’t have to stop here. Check out our roundup of unconventional colors to burst curb appeal.



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