Games For The Bedroom

Put a Sexy Twist on Your Favorite Games

Open up that closet filled cobwebs and dust off your favorite, classic games because we’re teaching you some NEW ways to play! These fun and intimate ideas are perfect ways to use games that you already own, with a sassy new twist. We love creating Diva versions of board games, but this time we wanted to give you some ideas that use materials you’ve probably already got stored around your house. We’ve given these traditional board games, card games, and games of skill and strategy a whole new life with alternate rules—in the bedroom!

25 Fun Bedroom Games

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Diva Disclaimer

Ready to check out our list and get playing? We’ve made it super easy to find a fun game and put a new twist on it TONIGHT and the best part is that there are tons of levels (ranging from mild to super spicy) and ways to customize these ideas to fit your level of ‘comfort’ so feel free to adjust or skip games that are just a little too intimate for you! Just check out these categories:

  • 9 Board Games for the Bedroom
  • 6 Card Games for the Bedroom
  • 10 Strategy Games for the Bedroom

Board Games for the Bedroom

These might just be your average board games but they’re played in a totally fun way! Read on to discover our new take on them.

Bedroom Board Games

Board Games Ideas for the Bedroom

1. Chocolate Checkers If you’ve already got checkers, use your own game board and some of your favorite chocolates, if not you can use our version! Chocolate is always a romantic treat and if you play in the bedroom, well, who knows what might happen!

2. Paperless Pictionary The only change in this game is super simple: throw out the pen and paper and draw on each other’s backs… or anywhere on your spouse’s body! Physical touch is the first step to an intimate evening.

3. Naked Trouble So what makes Trouble such a fun game in the first place? The popping, of course! In this nude version, the popping is even more fun… start by assigning each number (1-6) a body part (you can each have your own list or create one to share) and then when it’s your turn to pop get ready to pop a kiss on your spouse as well, on the body part that corresponds to the number you popped on the die!

4. Strip Sorry When you ‘bump’ your spouse in the game, you also get to ‘bump’ off a piece of their clothing! It’s a double WIN each time! Chances are, you won’t be finishing this game.

Board Games for the Bedroom

5. Foreplay Chutes & Ladders Grab a permanent marker and then take turns writing different foreplay ideas on each of the squares. (I would recommend writing on every 6th or 7th square.) If you land on one of those squares, follow the directions and play the game for as long as you can stand it.

6. Love is Sweet Candyland Use your Candyland board and assign a frisky ‘task’ to each color OR spice things up with the cards from our Love is Sweet Bedroom Game that go hand-in-hand with the original game.

7. Candy Chinese CheckersUse M&Ms or skittles as your pieces and if you end up feeding each other chocolate and don’t finish the game, we’ll totally understand.

8. Flirty Scrabble You can only use naughty words… try anything from adjectives that describe your spouse to flirty and suggestive phrases to actions in the bedroom! If you don’t have scrabble, you can also use Bananagrams!

9. Props {Trivial} Pursuit Choose six different bedroom products (one for each color of the pie), once you earn that piece, you earn the prop too and you can use it whenever you want (you don’t have to wait until the game is over)! Need some help deciding which props to use? Try some of our Favorite Spicy Products!

Card Games for the Bedroom

A deck of cards and a sassy attitude are all you need to make these classic card games the ultimate in intimate!

Card Games for the Bedroom

Card Games for the Bedroom

10. Strip Poker Have your iPod or a CD playing of your favorite dance music in the background. Every time you lose a round (but really you’re both winners in this game–wink!) you get to turn up the music and “striiiip” off a piece of clothing in the most seductive way possible. (It’s pretty funny in the beginning when you are taking off a shoe or a sock, lol!) Don’t have or want to buy your own poker set? No worries, just grab the super cute printables from our Strip Poker Night!

11. Deck of Desire Card Game – All you need is a deck of cards and our Deck of Desire instructions. It’s a simple and original idea to make your average deck of cards super spicy!

12. Intimate Uno Cash For this twist, the goal is to collect lots ‘cash’ cards. Every time you play a Draw 4 or Draw 2 card, you get to decide whether your spouse will draw cards to add to their hand (like the original rules) OR if you’d like to draw cards to add to a reserved ‘cash’ stash so you can store them up and cash them in later, like money! You can spend your ‘money’ whenever you want, just use this Value Menu to help you decide what to order! And whenever one player wins, they get to keep all of their opponent’s cards as CASH! If you’d like a more relaxing (but still intimate) evening, try the menu from our Spa Night. Happy spending!!

13. Frisky Go Fish – Hide the cards that would be in the ‘fishing’ pile in different places… your back pocket, stuck in your hair, nestled in your lingerie so your sweetie has to go hunting before they ‘fish’ them out… after a few rounds get creative about what you use to ‘fish’ out the cards… like your teeth!

14. Wagering War – Whenever there’s a “War” make a bedroom wager. You could try wagers like, “If I win, you lose your shirt.” The only catch is that you both have to agree to the other person’s wager before you can ‘wage’ war on each other!

15. Apples to Apples in Bed Simply add the phrase ‘in bed’ to the end of each combination for more hysterical laughs and to help you set the sexy mood! Some of them make almost no sense when you do this and sometimes they’re oddly on target!

Strategy Games for the Bedroom

Favorite games are turned on their heads and are ready for an intimate night of fun!

Strategy Bedroom Games

Fun Bedroom Games

16. Bed Sheet Twister Use your regular twister mat on top of the bed OR if you like to DIY, just grab some white bed sheets and paint. Hint: Bedroom twister is best played in the nude!

17. Naughty Yahtzee Assign each number of the die (1-6) a fun and naughty ‘task’ (like a sensual, one minute massage or a long, passionate kiss). As you play, each time you use that number as a part of your play, you must perform the task on your spouse. For example, if you get 3 of a kind in sixes, then you would perform the task you assigned to ‘6’. Choose the ultimate task (like taking it all off) for whoever gets “Yahtzee”!

18. Juicy Jenga Take about 1/2 of the blocks and write foreplay ideas or questions directly on the blocks using a permanent marker, then mix the blocks back in with the rest and build your tower. As each of you takes a turn pulling out a block you’ll have to do whatever is written down on the block until the tower falls. You can make a list of foreplay options for the “loser” to choose from if you plan to play more than one round. For some great foreplay ideas, use our Jenga Love Game.

19. Dirty Darts You and your spouse take turns writing ‘dirty’ phrases in each section of the dart board (or you can even use sticker labels if you don’t want to write directly on the board), then start throwing! Wherever you land, you’ve got to put on your most seductive voice and say it to your spouse. Oh, and did I mention that cheating during the game is totally encouraged? Go ahead and use that body of yours to block your spouse’s view. Distract them by any means necessary!

20. Fondue Pick Up Sticks Each time you successfully pick up a stick, use it to feed each other sensual foods covered in chocolate! We just LOVE our Fondue Date Night and it’s easy to make delicious treats and feeding each other into an intimate night!

21. Shadow Guesstures Hang a sheet from a doorway and put a light behind the sheet that shines directly towards it (desk lamps with a bendable arm are perfect so it’s easy to adjust!). When it’s your turn to act out the clues, head behind the sheet and let your spouse guess based on only your shadow. If you want to make things even more intimate, take off a piece of clothing for each one they guess correctly!

Bedroom Game Ideas

22. Glowing Connect Four So this idea does require ONE extra material, but we think it’s worth it. Just grab some glow-in-the-dark stickers and add them to your pieces, then turn off all the lights and play! You could even combine it with this sexy stroll in our Glow Time Date and add some glow sticks!

23. Candle Lit Guess Who Start with LOTS of lit tea lights and blow one out each time you guess. As the room gets dimmer, the game gets tougher and the mood gets better… why don’t you just see where it goes from there?!

24. Munchie Mancala Use chocolates in place of the marbles and each time you get one ‘home’ feed it to your spouse! Want to take this idea up a notch? Instead of feeding your spouse, place the candy somewhere on their body, if they can keep it there until the end of the game, you get to eat it off of them.

25. Full Body Operation Each time you successfully operate on a body part, it’s your ‘token’ to exchange for one full minute of attention to that area of your body. Choose your operations carefully!

Well, are you ready to show your spouse that your favorite childhood board games are definitely NOT going to make you bored?! Pick your favorite game idea for tonight and then PIN this fun list on Pinterest so you’ve got it ready for another night.

If you and your spouse love bedroom games, you’ll also want to browse our Favorite Sexy Bedroom Games.


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