Before & After: And After Allllllllll You’re My Wooden Wallllllll

Ryan needed to make some changes to his home to accommodate his growing family. After making some layout changes, he decided that it was finally time to add some visual interest to his wall.

From Ryan: Due to the needs of a growing family we had to convert an office to a bedroom. The former office had double doors off of the entry/foyer that we closed off and relocated to the side hallway.

We had a blank wall for many months. Framed artwork was the easiest approach, but we wanted something more that would help tie the foyer and living room together.

Planning took a while and involved drawing elevations to determine how much material was needed and testing several stains. Implementation took 5-6 days spread over three weekends. The longest part was wood prep which involved, sanding, pre-staining and multiple coats of stain.

The wood brings a warmth to the room and helps to combine the foyer and living rooms. We now have a feature wall that looks and feels like it was always meant to be there. The artwork we chose has a personal touch – Chinese zodiac characters that represent each member of our family.

The only thing I would have done differently was to have not procrastinated and done it sooner!

Ryan’s words of advice: Plan, plan, plan. Know the material dimensions and understand starting and stopping points. How will things align and what cuts will need to be made? The little details make a big difference.

Thank you so much, Ryan! You can see more of this project and others on Ryan’s blog, House Zhu.

Wonderful walls abound on Apartment Therapy. Find the inspiration you seek, be it an out-of-the-box wall of tile or some wow-inducing wallpaper.



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