A Tiny House Sure to Please Even the Most Discerning Fans of Modern Design

A lot of the tiny houses out there are very, very cute—sweet little peaked roof, petite double-hung windows, teeny tiny front porch. So what if you’re craving a pared-down lifestyle, but cute isn’t your thing? Enter the Model S, a 237-square-foot small wonder by Czech design studio Freedomky. Like its more twee counterparts, this tiny house has everything you need to live comfortably, packed into a very small footprint, but it also has a streamlined appearance sure to please even the pickiest fans of modern design.

The exterior of the Model S promises good things inside. Clad in a wood rainscreen, it has solar panels on the roof and a little deck accessed by a sliding glass door. Inside, the ceiling, walls, cabinetry, and even the dining table are clad in a light wood veneer, which gives the interior a cohesive, relaxing vibe.

The kitchen, which is quite spacious for a home of this size, occupies the wall opposite the door. To the right of the kitchen is a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, and a small wood stove. To the left is the bed nook, with curtains for privacy, and a door leading to the unit’s bathroom.

The only thing missing is a sofa, which might feel like a particularly egregious exception for those not comfortable with the idea of lounging on the bed. If you’re willing to upgrade to the Model M, Freedomky’s 398-square-foot offering, you’ll get a built-in sofa—and a larger deck and even a separate bedroom, to boot.

These little houses are popping up all over Europe. No word on whether they ship to the States, but I’m sure they’d love to hear from you. You can learn more about the Model S (and see all the different models on offer) at Freedomky’s website. There are more pictures of this particular unit at Busyboo.

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