Sorry, That Cute Italian Village Won’t Actually Be Paying You to Move There

Unpack the suitcases, because we have some bad news. Turns out, the mayor of a charming Italian village will not actually be paying you €2,000 to move there.

Borida, a little village in the countryside of Liguria, made headlines this week when the town’s mayor, Daniele Galliano, posted to Facebook that to fight the town’s declining population—just 394 people—that they’d offer €2,000 (about $2,100) to new residents. Galliano also said that newbies could pay just €12.50 a week—that’s about 50 bucks a month—in rent.

Of course, these sorts of things have a tendency to go viral, and after the Guardian’s article and other coverage came out, it resulted in over 2,000 eager comments of prospective residents to the original Facebook post (which has since been removed). By Wednesday, Galliano was doing some back tracking, clarifying that the initiative is for Italians citizens, specifically those already living in the area. The town’s website also reads, “the residence bonus for the moment is a project that we hope to achieve in 2018 with the help of the Liguria region.”

Bormida is 50 miles to Genoa and the picturesque Cinque Terre, but has a mere four restaurants and “a doctor who travels in three times a week,” reports Mic, so it’s not exactly equipped for a flood of newcomers.

If you had your very own Under the Ligurian Sun dreams planned, well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But it’s not all wine and dappled sunlight: “The job crisis unfortunately is also here,” the city’s website states.

Though if you can secure yourself an Italian passport by 2018, maybe the economy will turn around by then.

And hey, previous moving bonuses have been offered for a remote Scottish peninsula and a deserted island off the coast of Tasmania, so this is a step up. Fingers crossed Hawaii’s next.



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