The Unexpected Material That’ll Take Your Backsplash to the Next Level

Want to make your kitchen truly unique? Add a little bit of shine. A metallic backsplash, be it brass or copper, is a great way to bring the metallic trend into your kitchen, and to add a touch of luxury to a modern space. And, since there are no grout lines, there’s much less scrubbing than with typical tile — pretty and practical.

It is recommended that metal backsplashes be cleaned with a special metal cleaner, and that you not allow liquids to sit on the backsplash — something that hopefully won’t be an issue unless you happen to be a particularly vigorous dishwasher.

Above: A brass backsplash makes this kitchen in a home from Fantastic Frank particularly memorable.

The kitchen of this Catskills home, a design of Jersey Ice Cream Co., has a splashback behind the stove made from copper sheeting, which adds a little extra texture and a bit of an old-world feel.

This kitchen from London Design Collective has a bright, shiny copper backsplash that adds a touch of glamour to a modern kitchen. I especially like how the backsplash coordinates with the copper pendant in the kitchen.

Of course, you’ll be giving up on the whole ‘easy to clean’ bit, but a metallic tile backsplash, like this one from Cote Maison, is particularly unexpected and eye-catching.

A shiny copper backsplash adds a special warmth to a hyper-modern Swedish kitchen spotted on Planete Deco.

In this kitchen from Dahlarna, a brass splashback behind the stove provides a lovely contrast with the rough, textured concrete countertops — and is complemented by the elegant brass wafer pulls (which look like an offering from Superfront) and the brass toe kick.

The backsplash seen in this photo from Original Style, via Ideal Home, is actually a large-format glass tile with a metallic backing.

This kitchen from Øje-Blik has only a short backsplash,but it still adds an unexpected and stylish touch to a kitchen that might otherwise be a bit dowdy. Allowing the brass to tarnish a little gives it an extra bit of texture.

In this kitchen from Ferrum, a copper backsplash provides an unexpected but welcome contrast with the grey cabinets. The wood countertop provides a touch of warmth, and a copper faucet complements the backsplash.



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