Bloc Blinds: Keep Your Window Decorating Options Wide Open — Best Design Buys

When it comes to dressing your windows, draperies and curtains often seem to steal all of the attention, while blinds, their more structured cousin, always seem to play second fiddle. So we’re calling out one blind brand that’s rewriting the rules when it comes window coverings: Bloc Blinds.

Based in Northern Ireland, Bloc Blinds is the innovative design house that, since their inception, has continually shattered everything we thought we knew about the conventional world of blinds. Typically, when you’re choosing blinds or shades for your home, you get a few options: less-than-stylish roller shades, classic slatted blinds or more traditional bamboo or roman shades. But let’s say you opt for bamboo shades, and then decide you want to change your mind (whether because your style has shifted, or because the product you purchased just isn’t holding up). You’ll have to completely change out the whole system, covering up any holes that were made in your window frame to allow the installation of something new.

This is how blinds have worked for many decades, but Bloc Blinds attacked the stagnation and immutability of this product with a fresh direction, creating a product that could easily be swapped out for a new color, pattern or light-filtering weight without changing the blind mechanism; it’s a hook-on, hook-off system that frankly, we think is super smart. Plus, they also offer a plethora of stylish colors and patterns (all of which are custom made to the specific size of your window), and black out shades at prices comparable to what you’ll find at your local home improvement store. And for renters, they even have a drill-free option. As their unshakeable mantra says, “Change your mind, change your blind” and it really is just that simple.

Bloc Blinds are a great solution for changing your room’s aesthetic or color palette without having to completely reinvent your window coverings. Or, if you’re likely to totally geek out over holiday decorations, they are also developing seasonal themes to get your windows in on all the playful action of any particular season.

They are currently being sold in in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, and the USA, check out all of their offerings at Bloc Blinds.



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