6 of the Most Gorgeous Kitchen Windows from Around the World — Kitchn

Boasting natural light in your kitchen is enviable enough, but when your windows are also gorgeous, well, that’s when we start to get really jealous. These windows are all super painful (paneful?) to look at because we just want the same things for our homes. #nofair

1. Floor-to-Ceiling Industrial Windows

Now this is how you take advantage of a view! The Chicago skyline is front and center in this Logan Square apartment, thanks to stunning floor-to-ceiling windows in the open kitchen and living areas. Just imagine serving up a sunny breakfast on a Sunday morning in this spot, or cooking above the city lights for date night.

2. Sleek Accordion-Style Windows

This kitchen is perfect for all you outdoor entertainers (or lucky folks who call always-warm spots like California home). Could you imagine having such an amazing outdoor space that your wall of windows (yes, you have a wall of windows) folds up to reveal an open breezeway? Bonus: This setup has a countertop along the exterior so that visitors can pull up a few stools during parties.

Tour the space: Funk Icehouse 1930 at Bo Bedre

3. An Oversized Arch

This sleek white kitchen is made even more stunning because of the oversized arched windows over the farmhouse sink. Featuring nine panes and spanning nearly half the countertop, this statement-maker is both an eye-catching room feature and practical design choice, flooding the room with light throughout the day.

Check out even more spaces: Dream Kitchen Designs at BHG

4. Indoor Vintage Shutters

You can almost feel the history pulsing through this London home, which used to be an 1850s pub, packed to the gills with revelry and more than a few pickled locals. The owners kept that covetable charm when making renovations to their space by maintaining the original wood window frames, replacing the glass, and restoring the shutters.

5. Bold Black Window Frames

This stately Atlanta kitchen boldly goes without any kind of curtains or draping. The black steel frames and panes are chic enough to act as their own statement and evoke the feel of a charming English cottage, especially when flung open to allow a breeze to roll through.

Get more ideas: Try a New Trend at HGTV

6. Extra-Tall Windows

What could be better than these humongous, two-story windows? The ones on the other side of the kitchen, which also flood the space with light and include easy-access doors directly to the backyard. And that brick! Also, can we talk about the hood and those pendant lights?

Tour the rest of the space: Design Gallery at Distinctive Design

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