RuPaul On How Drag Inspires His Décor — Architectural Digest

RuPaul Charles has been a pop icon for decades, rising from the New York drag scene to create hit dance singles, star on TV shows (and create his own), and inspire everyone to be a little more fabulous. Architectural Digest sat down with the Drag Race creator and got the scoop on his style and inspiration.

Fans of Drag Race might be surprised to find out that Ru’s New York apartment is surprisingly neutral. “It’s as many shades of beige [as] exist. I like to keep it very calm, because outside is so mishegas, and I want to come home to something very peaceful,” he told Architectural Digest. “I want to come home to a sanctuary, where it’s light. It’s not fluffy and it doesn’t demand a lot.”

If you’re a little shocked by that (I was), don’t worry, because the LA pad is a very different story:

I’ve got red-red-reds and oranges, and beautiful patterned wallpapers that are in purple and orange and zebra print. A Louis XVI couch and just crazy stuff. I love it so much. In one of the rooms, I have this giraffe-print carpet on the floor, and the paint on the wall is orange. Just really bright orange, which is my favorite color.

(Image credit: Logo TV / World of Wonder)

Mama Ru, as he’s often addressed on Drag Race, has a penchant for unconventional art, having more pieces than he can count by Allee Willis, a mixed media artist and songwriter that the Washington Post called “the most interesting woman you’ve never heard of.” He also has had famous works, like Rothkos, reproduced, for what is quite a practical reason: “I’ve seen the real thing, and it is exquisite. I just don’t want to have the responsibility to protect it.”

RuPaul says, “Drag is all about reminding people to not take life too seriously.” He clearly takes that to heart at home, as well.

Read the full interview over on Architectural Digest.



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