A Golden Girls Version of Clue Is Coming Out & I Am Here for It

I’m going to get real right now: Golden Girls has probably saved my sanity. Since Hulu added all seven seasons of the late 80s sitcom earlier this year, sometimes only thing that gets me through the endless news cycle is laughing along with my fave sexagenarians. Now, there’s going to be board game to love, too.

Yes, Clue®: The Golden Girls is a real thing, and will challenge players to solve “WHO ate the last piece cheesecake, WHAT they left at the scene of the crime, and WHICH room they did it in.” I can’t think of anything more perfect.

I mean, just look at this board:

Okay, so it’s not exactly the layout of Blanche’s house (definitely more Clue-like for gameplay’s sake), but all the rooms are there: each of the ladies’ bedrooms, the bathroom (where Rose and Dorothy installed the toilet), the garage (which was, for one episode, almost a guest room), the living room, and the lanai. It is stunning and I kind of want to purchase two of this game so I can just frame one of the boards (yes, I am weird).

Speaking of the ladies, here they are:

All four Golden Girls are represented, plus what appears to be faceless versions of Miles, Rose’s longterm boyfriend, and Stan, Dorothy’s sleazy ex husband (who else remembers that monkey episode???).

And what about the “evidence”? We’ve got hairspray, a robe, what looks like Sophia’s rattan purse, lipstick, a chair from the living room, and a Blanche-esque mule.

The show has seen quite the resurgence in pop culture as of late, being the subject of cafés, puppet theater, coloring books, and even viral gospel songs. And we’re not surprised—the show was certainly ahead of its time, and even if Dorothy’s topical quips require some googling, the subjects definitely still hold up.

According to USAopoly, the game will retail for $39.95 and is coming soon.

h/t Jezebel

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