Played Your Cards Right: Sexy Cards Trail

Played Your Cards Right: Sexy Cards Trail

May 19th 2017


You Played Your Cards Right!

Trail of Sexy Cards

What’s more intriguing than a mysterious trail leading to the unknown? How could you NOT follow it, right? Your curiosity would get the best of you! This fun bedroom idea is SUPER easy to pull off, a great way to initiate intimacy and add a little mystery to your love life! All you need is a deck of cards and our easy printables! Leave a sexy cards trail to entice your spouse to… the bedroom! Your sweetie played their cards right tonight, that’s for sure!

Sexy Cards Trail Intimacy Idea

Diva Disclaimer

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Joanna from Cutify Creative whipped up these playing-card-inspired printables that make it super easy to pull off this sexy surprise!

Setting Up The Trail

While the mister was gone, I gathered every deck of playing cards we have and scattered them to make a little path.

When my husband came home from work, he walked in the door to find a mysterious trail of cards. Of course, he excitedly followed – he played right into my hands! Too easy!
Sexy Cards Trail Bedroom Idea

Bedroom Door Decoration

The cards lead him to the door of our room… which looked just like a playing card! (Thanks to Joanna’s cute printables!)Sexy Card Bedroom Door

You Played Your Cards Right

Once the door was opened, there were cards scattered all over the bed! It is basically the same idea as sprinkling rose petals all over the room, except using playing cards to change it up. Also propped up on the pillows, was this little message…

Flirty and fun, right?

Sexy Card Games

Now once you’re IN the bedroom and you have all these playing cards… what to do next? Alright, let’s be honest, it’s not THAT hard to figure out how to have some fun under these circumstances {WINK}. But in case you want some suggestions, use these four different sexy cards game ideas!

Sexy Cards Games

Isn’t this a fun little surprise for your sweetie? Barely takes any work at all and there will definitely be some sparks going between you at the end of that trail! Reward your spouse for all those times they “played their cards right!”


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