10 Smart Ways to Organize and Store Your Spices

Familiar with the struggle of trying to find the cinnamon or the garlic powder among more than a dozen other spices in varying-sized containers with no organizational system? It’s time for a change, and that means putting all your spices in one place, in more functional containers and having a method that makes them both easy to access and aesthetically pleasing.

If you need some inspiration for your kitchen organization, check out these clever ways to store and arrange your spices and seasonings.

Store Them in Stackable Tins

A neater way to keep your spices organized and easy to find in your kitchen cabinet: stack them in labeled tins like the ones above from Table For Two.

Use Drawer Inserts to Arrange Them

If you’d rather store your spices in a drawer to save cabinet space, try using rounded drawer inserts (like the ones above, from IKEA) perfect for keeping spice jars in place.

Use Chalkboard Paint to Label Lids

Another way to utilize your drawer space: store your spices in mini mason jars and customize them by painting the tops with chalkboard paint for easy labeling (or use black paint and white sharpie marker like Bright Green Door did if you’re worried about accidentally erasing them).

Use Magnets Inside Your Cabinet Doors

Use your cabinet without taking up precious shelf space by adding magnetic strips to the insides of your cabinet door and storing your spices in small metal canisters. This example from The House on Stanford looks beautiful and makes spices even easier to access.

…Or Under Your Cabinets

On the other hand, if you’ve got tons of space underneath your cabinets that’s lacking, try adding a magnetic strip on the bottom of your cabinets and sticking your spice jars to it—this tutorial from La Vida Lucida can help.

…Or Just In a Cool Pattern

If you’re going for truly satisfying aesthetics, these magnetic hexagonal spice jars from Gneiss Spice on Etsy look so beautiful and will keep all of your seasonings in order—try putting them on your refrigerator or inside your cabinets.

Try a Pull-Out Spice Rack

A spice rack like this one (from Rubbermaid, on Amazon) stacks neatly inside your kitchen cabinet, but pulls out and down for easy access while you’re cooking.

Hang Spice Jars from Hooks

Another way to take advantage of the space under your cabinets? Add hooks to the wall underneath (or even the side of your cabinets, if that’s a space you want to use) and hang your spice jars from them with wire, like in this example from Dream Green DIY.

Create a Test Tube Spice Rack

You can also put your spices in little test tubes (like these on Instructables) and mount them on the wall or on your cabinets both for a fun look, some extra organization and easy access to them when you need them.

Add a Secret Slide-Out Spice Cabinet

And if you really want to go all out, you can build a pull-out spice rack drawer right into your cabinets, just like this example on Better Homes & Gardens.

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