Stylish Furniture Finds from a Super Affordable Source: Sauder — Cheap Thrills

In our own ways, we’re all creatures of habit. Whether that’s with precisely how we do things around the house, or with the brands we bring into our homes. I am quite guilty of this (specifically the latter), and am quick to get into “brand ruts.” Though I’m aware of the seemingly endless offering of home decor outlets online to choose from, I stick to my usual stable…my furniture comfort zone. But recently, I rediscovered a company that has some great products for reasonable prices, and thought it greedy not to share. Break out of your purchasing routine and discover (or possibly reconsider) Sauder…

Viabella Collection Queen Headboard and Footboard, $199.99 each

This is the bed you see in the lead image, which was styled so perfectly by Nicole of Making It Lovely. The headboard and footboard are sold separately. If you’re currently placing your bed up against a window (and you’re on the hunt for a new bed), this is a wonderful option!

I could see this functional and stylish piece in an entryway, dining room, living room, or even as a nightstand (if you have the space!).

Roll this classy bar cart out when you’re ready to party.

Cute as a button and functional as a workhorse.

The dreaded foyer vs. shoe storage challenge comes to end with a bench like this one.

I personally think every room needs a touch of “granny chic” which this printed bench delivers. Nicole of Making It Lovely also made great use of this (as seen in this post’s lead image) by putting it next to a bed and stacking vintage suitcases atop it to create an unexpected nightstand.

How adorable is this? Such a great little drinks table for an outdoor patio or even the tiniest of breakfast nooks.

Upon touring the Sauder showroom in High Point, North Carolina, my eyes landed on this bright coral beauty from across the room. What a great way to introduce a punch of color to your office, bedroom, living room…even kitchen!

I just love the subtle blonde wood footrest of this simple stool. It instantly gives it a modern almost Scandi style.

We recently celebrated our admiration for the versatility of the classic Windsor chair, so we’re happy to see this solid-wood offering from Sauder (also available in turquoise).

Okay, so it’s fair to say that a $500 bookcase is arguably on the edge of not being a “cheap thrill,” but it’s such a great piece from the brand that I had to include it!



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