This Traditional Kitchen with Rustic Touches is the Best of Both Worlds — Why it Works

What’s your style? Maybe you’re someone who has trouble encapsulating that in just a few words. You know what you like when you see it, but the things you’re drawn to are all across the decor spectrum, not fitting perfectly into any one aesthetic. You’re a mixer. You like the unexpectedness of bringing together disparate and contrasting styles. If that’s you, I think there’s a good chance you’ll be drawn to this kitchen, which is neither traditional nor rustic nor industrial but somehow all of those at once. Here’s what makes it work.

The most striking thing about this kitchen, to me, is the beautifully worn antique workbench that forms an island and also a bar. Shaker-style cabinets are almost de rigueur in kitchens these days, and the rustic island sets up a pleasing contrast. (With its large surface area, ample drawers, and leaf that’s suitable for bar seating, it’s also quite practical.)

The oversized lights above the bar (made from chicken-catching baskets!) echo the rustic theme, and, together, with the twine-wrapped supporting pole, complement the more textured elements in the adjoining living room, helping to bring the two spaces together.

In the kitchen itself, reclaimed wood paneling helps provide a bit of contrast with the Shaker-style cabinetry, and the sleek stainless steel appliances.

On the far side of the kitchen all the elements come together, for a delightful it-shouldn’t-work-but-somehow-it does kind of composition. The secret to its success, I think, is that the textured/rustic type elements (the wood cabinetry, the bridle rack used as a pot rail, the penny rounds on the wall) come together as a single statement, setting up a contrast with the very modern stove.

The takeaway? There’s a lot to be said for embracing unexpected contrasts. Don’t be afraid to put together styles that don’t necessarily match, and remember, a little texture can be just the thing to take your space to the next level.

To see more of this kitchen, and the rest of this beautiful California home, check out the full house tour.



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