GIF Magic: Think Pink-ish

Every year or so, a trend forecaster (or a paint company) will decide on a “new neutral.” Though the shade changes (you’ll remember gray had quite a long time in the spotlight), the element all these colors have in common is that they play well with others.

I’ll be honest, I was surprised when the color (that is reigning in 2017) first emerged as a trend. And though it’s a barely there, pale hue, it has caused quite a stir. (Its cousin has amassed enemies around the globe, as well).

But the thing is? I like it. A lot of people like it. Because while it may only be a whispering hint of a tint, the addition of it in a room goes beyond what beige and gray can do.

Blush (or light pink, as you might prefer), is exceptional simply because of its ability to be a neutral base or a surprisingly powerful accent color…for any style of decor. See proof of this color working in an array of different styles; these GIFs might give you a rosy outlook on this color trend.

The color I chose to apply to these rooms, you’ll notice, isn’t very pink. In fact, it’s even a bit…peachy? I actually was inspired by a recommendation from a reader! In this post, AZ in DC recommends a Farrow & Ball hue:

“My south-facing master bedroom is painted in Farrow and Ball’s ‘Pink Ground‘ and it straddles the line between pink and orange perfectly!”

AZ in DC explained more about their recommendation of Pink Ground:

We settled on Pink Ground because, as I noted elsewhere in the comments, it is perfectly between pink and orange. It has depth and is warm and inviting by day and night. It brings out the metallics and greenery in our bedroom and balances our white linen bedding and that faded rug very well.”

Blush meets

Happy Modern

. (I know curtains can’t be painted with wall paint, but I wanted to show the color used in a textile!)

(Image credit: Melanie Rieders )

Feel ready to think pink in your home, but don’t want to pay the price of Farrow & Ball’s paint? AZ in DC also mentioned: “‘Coastal Cottage‘ by Benjamin Moore is apparently very similar.” All the comments in the post are worth checking out; other readers had blush shade suggestions, too!



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