Favorite Finds: 12 Great Looking Modern Rugs for Every Budget — Annual Guide 2017

Moroccan (and brand-new faux Moroccan) rugs are everywhere these days, but if you want a clean-lined contemporary style rug for your modern space, that’s a bit more of a trying task. But we love a good challenge, so we went on a hunt for beautiful modern rugs to complement your modern decor. Here are our favorite finds.

In the interest of price comparisons, I’ve listed, for each rug, the price for a 5’x8′, or the closest size I could find to a 5’x8′ for that particular rug. Many of these rugs come in other sizes, so click through to see what’s available that might work better for you. And remember, if a smaller rug is closer to your target price point, you can always layer it over a much larger neutral rug (like a jute or seagrass!).


A beautiful rainbow print in soft, subdued colors. Great for adding that pastel touch that’s so popular right now to your home for a budget-friendly price.

Really nicely priced, and the subtlety of the color means this could work with a lot of different schemes and styles.

A bold, contemporary geometric print meets the homey texture of a rag rug, for a pleasing juxtaposition of new and old.

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The pink is so energizing, and I like that the style is abstract without being too busy. Also available in blue.

I like how the bold geometries of this rug are softened by the pastel and gray color scheme. It feels powerful, but subdued at the same time.

Beautiful planes of color play across this flatweave rug.

This abstract print is very striking and just a little bit retro—like a piece of art for your floor.

Perfect for a modern or mid-century interior—the soft, abstracted shapes actually feel very Bauhaus.

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I love the bold, unexpected geometric pattern of this one, and the black and white makes it a good fit for pretty much any color scheme.

A pretty, graphic update to the well-trod chevron pattern, perfect for a kids room or even an adult space that needs a little color.

If your space needs a little more color, this geometric beauty might be just the ticket.

The brushstroke pattern gives this rug a soft, dreamy prettiness.

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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