Look We Love: Zellige Tiles in the Kitchen

Zellige tiles, the glazed Moroccan tiles with the subtle ripply texture and deep, rich colors, are currently one of my favorite things. I especially love them in a modern kitchen, where their color and texture draws the eye and provides a perfect counterpart to the asceticism of a minimal space. For your inspiration, here are nine spaces that feature these gorgeous tiles.

Above: The kitchen of this Paris home, from Elle Decoration, features blue-green zellige tiles that complement its industrial feel.

Zellige tiles come in a whole range of rich, deep colors, but they can also be very beautiful in neutrals. The beige tiles on the backsplash of this kitchen from Milk Decoration draw the eye thanks to their texture and range of shades.

Zellige tiles cover not just the backsplash but also the countertop and walls of this kitchen from Bo Bedre.

Light green zellige tiles are a beautiful contrast to the black cabinets in this kitchen from Milk Decoration.

From SF Girl by Bay, here’s another kitchen where the texture, and not the color, of zellige tiles takes center stage. The subtle texture provided by these tiles adds a bit of warmth, and is especially welcome in a very minimal kitchen.

In this kitchen from Lieu-Dit via Elle France, two tile trends meet: cement tile on the floor and zellige tile on the backsplash. Between that and the texture glass cabinets, there’s definitely a lot to look at here, but a unifying color scheme keeps things from getting too crazy.

In this kitchen from Gabbe, we see more rectangular-shaped zellige tiles, arranged in a herringbone pattern. All that gorgeous color and texture is an especially nice counterpart to the very minimally designed cabinets.

In a space from West Elm via Cle Tile, grey zellige tiles on the backsplash are the perfect touch, proving that these tiles can work in a more traditional kitchen, as well.

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