Why a Fire Pit Party Is Even Better than the Crappy Dinner Party — Kitchn

Last fall, we surprised a lot of you by talking about the Crappy Dinner Party. The idea is that we all need to get back to the roots of entertaining (having people over to catch up — not to impress them with our Insta-worthy house, cooking, or party decor). There is to be no housework, no special grocery shopping, and no real preparation.

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The Crappy Dinner Party was invented to take the stress out of entertaining and to make sure we actually get together more often. It’s great, of course, but there’s something even better for this time of year: the Fire Pit Party.

The Fire Pit Party follows all the same rules as the Crappy Dinner Party, but it’s quickly becoming our favorite way to entertain. Here’s why.

1. You really don’t have to clean the house.

It’s a Fire Pit Party. And fire pits are outside. All you need to do to make sure your house is ready? Give the bathroom a quick once-over and put a few extra rolls of toilet paper in place. It does not matter if your kitchen is clean, if your pillows are fluffed, or if there’s dust on your bar cart — because no one is going to see those things.

2. You don’t have to prepare any food.

There’s not really much you can make ahead of time for a Fire Pit Party. Mostly because your guests are going to do all of the cooking. (Look, fire!) As long as you have some sticks ready, you’re good to go.

3. You can hang out and cook at the same time.

More often than not, during a dinner party you’re stuck in the kitchen while guests are getting a tour of the house. Or they’re all in the kitchen with you, which is its own issue. Not only are you not the only one doing the cooking around a fire pit, but everyone is, well, around a fire pit. You’re all there together (comfortably) doing the cooking — and the talking.

4. You can use your outdoor voices.

Got some sleeping kiddos upstairs? You’re not in the living room. You’re outside! Which means you don’t have to worry about hushing your friends. You should be mindful of your neighbors, though. Or you could just invite them!

5. The conversation is guaranteed to be good.

They’re called fireside chats for a reason. Plus, there’s a good chance there will be some ghost stories or impromptu guitar playing. When was the last time you heard a tale about a bone-chilling urban legend while sitting around the dining table?

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