Before & After: A Rental Living Room Goes Glam

Chelsey’s living room was far from awful but it was missing the things that make a space feel like a home. Building on the glam that was already there, she created a space full of metallics, rich textures and one jazzy feature wall.

From Chelsey: Plain-old boring! There was literally NO life in my old living room. From the bare colors, to the lack of decor, it was just a hot mess.

I didn’t just want to have an apartment, I wanted to have a home. At first I thought it was impossible, living in a rented space. But after a year or so of teaching myself interior design, I realized how incredibly easy AND budget-friendly it would be to create a glam apartment that reflected my style.

My entire living room, including decor and furniture was just under $1,100. I did everything on my own and it was incredibly easy. That feature wall in my living room? IT’S JUST TAPE! I think a lot of people feel hopeless when moving into a rented home because there are a lot of restrictions as to what you can and can’t change. My goal for the last couple of months has been to teach people that they CAN create their dream home in a rental space. It took just a couple of months to put everything together.

I love how my living room reflects my style perfectly. I wanted a seamless mix of glam and traditional and I think I pulled if off! I love gold AND silver and wanted to try and find a way to incorporate both without it looking too jarring. I don’t think I would have done anything differently.

Chelsey’s words of wisdom: Don’t let having a rented space stop you from having your DREAM HOME! It is possible!

Thank you, Chelsey! You can see more on Chelsey’s blog City Chic Decor.



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