Here’s Your First Look at More Pieces from HAY’s IKEA Collection

It’s been a full year of IKEA teasing us about their upcoming collection with Danish design brand HAY. The collaboration was announced at the company’s Democratic Design Day in 2016, and now that the annual event is happening again this week, we have more details and images on the forthcoming collection, called YPPERLIG, which will hit stores in October 2017.

At last year’s event, we got a peek at at HAY’s take on the FRAKTA tote, a forest green and white version that Apartment Therapy readers ranked as their favorite, even when stacked up against all the iterations of the iconic blue bag—including the original and the Balenciaga “knockoff.” Well, it looks like there will be a second HAY FRAKTA, rendered in yellow and black.

Outside of the two totes, you can expect furniture, lighting, accessories and textile designs, created using advanced manufacturing techniques. Overall, the YPPERLIG collection “is focused on exploring the future Scandinavian design identity and understanding what the true functional and emotional needs are in the modern 21st century home,” according to an email from IKEA.

IKEA released photos today that depict a light wood dining table, a molded side chair, and a minimal, channel tufted settee with a slightly flared arm.

We also have new images of the Tom Dixon designed, meant to be hacked DELAKTIG sofa. We’ve dedicated quite a few words to DELAKTIG already (the coverage of which I summarize in this post), but to recap, it’s an aluminum framed “open source” bed/sofa hybrid that will support a variety of add-ons, both from IKEA and other brands like Swedish textile company Bemz, as well as design students from a selection of schools. And, DELAKTIG finally has a release date: February 2018.

And stay tuned, we’ll have even more news from IKEA’s Democratic Design Day.



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