Splurge, Save, Steal: Plush and Stylish Vintage Rugs — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Every design element needs it’s counterpart: for every shiny hardwood floor, your toes are probably also craving comfort from the right rug. Aside from the obvious underfoot plushness, rugs are essential for bringing fresh texture into a room, and a nice burst of color or pattern that you might not want on your walls. There are a ton of beautiful vintage rugs on the Marketplace, but these three stood out for being great deals (and yes, a well-deserved #treatyourself moment).

This rug was not made for someone looking to have their home blend in. Covering a 13′ x 6′ space and featuring vibrant, handwoven patterns, this could turn even the most “eh” living room into a cheerful space worthy of conversation. If you have the budget and square footage necessary to fit this stunning piece, why not turn your home into something boldly bohemian?

Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $1,200.

This price tag is initially deceiving: although it’s more expensive than our “splurge” item, the seller has listed this beautiful vintage rug at an almost $300 discount from the original price. It’s not hard to see the aesthetic appeal of this 1930’s piece, with gentle wear that gives the ornate pattern a vintage touch you can’t replicate with new rugs.

Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $1,540.

We’re ending with an amazing deal that doesn’t sacrifice style. Finding a high-quality vintage rug under $200 is no small task, so this contrasted 1930’s model definitely stands out as a must-buy! It’s a great choice for smaller apartments or someone looking to start small with investments, while not costing much more than you’d pay at a chain home goods store. Here’s to many more good-looking deals underfoot.

Available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, $199.

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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