What Happens When Fashion’s Biggest Magazine & Beauty’s Biggest Box Service Join Forces?

For 125 years, Vogue has been the fashion magazine, setting and breaking trends as the ultimate authority on all things style. Over its century-plus of being published, it has spawned books and movies (some official like “The September Issue”—and some unofficial—::cough:: “The Devil Wears Prada” ::cough::), and launched the careers of many well-known faces. And now, the brand (because Vogue is so much more than just a periodical), is lending its signature impeccable panache to your face (and hair…and nails).

Vogue has teamed up with the beauty subscription company Birchbox (another trailblazer in its category) for the first time ever to create a beautifully designed, limited-edition box that celebrates the magazine’s 125th year. The box, which retails for $68 (and is selling out fast!) feels like a total luxury. Its assortment was inspired by the Vogue rose—a custom cultivated flower in a vibrant peach color produced to commemorate the anniversary—so naturally, everything about this box has to do with roses (rose scents, rose hues, peachy/rosey packaging), featuring exclusive shades from NARS, JINsoon and rms beauty to name a few.

What else might you find in this extra special Birchbox, you ask? Several full-size products like a shadow pencil from NARS, Herbivore Botanical’s awesome rose hibiscus face mist, AERIN’s rose lip conditioner (our personal favorite item from the selection) and Earth Tu Face super hydrating face balm (which sells for the same $68 price tag as the entire box).

So, if you’re a beauty and fashion lover, have an addiction to gorgeous, luxe packaging and want a little rose-scented splurge (or you just want your vanity to be in full millennial pink mode), you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Learn more at Birchbox.

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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