Before & After: A Big Old Shed Finds Its Purpose With the Help of Some White Paint

When Charlotte first bought her home it came with a shed that she wasn’t quite sure what to do with. After landing on turning it into a workspace rather than a catch-all, she set about giving the space a major facelift while making sure it could serve as a workable space year-round.

(Image credit: Submitted by Charlotte )

From Charlotte: Our historic home in Southport, Connecticut was built in the mid 1800s and has two exterior buildings. One is a large old barn and then this second space was a bit more of a head scratcher. This backyard shed is biiiiig and it was unclear what the purpose of it was. Rather than fill it to the brim with garden tools and other outdoor gear, I transformed it into a work space for my DIY Blog.

(Image credit: Submitted by Charlotte )

The shed was pretty dilapidated and dark when we bought the house. The only thing inside was an old gun safe and debris, but it screamed potential! For last fall’s One Room Challenge, I tackled the shed to transform it from a dark dreary ‘space’ into the workshop of my dreams!

(Image credit: Submitted by Charlotte )

We needed our contractor to come in and help support the structure before I could start…we also had them rework the front with an added window and a smaller door repurposed from the older large swinging door. Our painters gave the walls and ceiling a coat of white bright paint. The shed isn’t insulated or water tight so I knew the concrete floor would do quite a bit of ‘sweating’… which made painting it tricky. I ultimately decided on a porous mineral paint which has been PERFECT. It permeated the concrete and brightened it up quite a bit but also allowed for the occasional water. I built some simple window boxes to cheer up the exterior as well.

(Image credit: Submitted by Charlotte )

The rest of the space was styling and decorating! I have my woodworking power tools along the right wall… when I need to build something I can open the doors and move the saws outside or, in the winter, I work inside and use my shop vac to clean up after. The left side of the shed is for crafting, sewing, and flat lay photography.

I installed a curtain along the middle of the shed to act as a back drop for video. Finally, the back wall is all shelves to hold and display accessories, photo props and goodies I bring home from the flea market or thrift store! This space is everything I love about styling and decorating… lots of vintage treasures, fun patterns, and eclectic ephemera. It’s also amazing storage for all the various items I use when working on my blog… all in one place! I smile every time I walk into my new and improved shed!

Thank you, Charlotte! You can see more on Charlotte’s blog At Charlotte’s House.



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