“Lost” Themed Date

Get “LOST” With Your Sweetie

It’s true, my husband and I are “LOST” fans!!  *sigh* We were so bummed when it came to a close that we had to celebrate our love of all things LOST. My husband recently went back to school and he just finished up the school year.  Finals were brutal and stressful so I wanted to do something FUN and relaxing. I wanted to do something that involved cuddling with my man and THAT is how this whole idea started! I took all of our favorite things, themes, and jokes in LOST and put it together for a sweet night alone… with our favorite show.

*Commercial Break*

Those of you who are not LOST fans… first of all, you SHOULD be (WINK) and second of all, a little background history:

Survivors of a plane crash (Flight 815) must work together to stay alive. The plane lost communication and was 1000 miles off course when it went down, so it is not likely that they will be rescued any time soon. They are forced to deal with their inner demons, each other, and an island that turns up mystery after mystery. Also – there was a scientific group called the “Dharma Initiative” who conducted their experiments on that same island in previous years. They have an insignia of an octagon, which you will see a LOT of below!  The plane crash survivors eventually find remains of some food left behind by these scientists, which you will also see below!  Click HERE to read more about the background of LOST.

*Commercial Break Over*

The day began with a little note I left for my husband.

It read, “I would be LOST without you.”

I received a text later on that morning telling me that he LOVED the note!

Later on that day, after arriving home from work I was working on preparing everything and I realized that I was OUTTA time and the hubby was DUE to arrive home any minute! I had not had time to make the dinner I had planned!  No problem, Plan B – call the hot husband and ask him to grab us dinner!  (Poor guy!) This solved two problems: I “bought” myself more time to finish up and we now had dinner!

Great choice ‘cuz LOOK what he brought home!  Some super yummy Greek food!  MMmmMM!!

When he arrived home and parked in the garage, he was greeted by a sign that was on our garage door:

(I’m a nerd, huh….)

He came in with a big grin on his face and asked, “Are we going to be catching up on all of our Lost episodes tonight?”  I laughed, gave him a big kiss, thanked him for grabbing dinner, and steered him towards the table.

On the table I had LOST cupcakes, two boarding passes (with our names on them) for Flight 815, and a present!

I typed up a little love note and stuck it in the present explaining WHY I wanted to create this special night for him and telling him to get ready to jump into some P.J.’s,  cuddle with me, and eat lots of junk food!

Here is a glimpse of a ticket:

The “theme” of the night was “I’d get LOST with you any day!” I had it on everything!  What was in that present, you ask?  Oh just some super cool p.j. tops custom-designed by YOURS TRULY!!  🙂

Here’s a closer look at what it said:

It was super easy to make!  After I created my design in Photoshop, I printed it on some iron-on t-shirt transfer paper (that goes in your printer).  I purchased it at Michael’s for somewhere between $5-7.  I had to flip the design before I printed it. The flipped design is in the download at the end of the post for you to use too!

Then – I saw a cute idea for some “LOST Cupcakes” online… so I created some of my own!

Jamie LOVES white cake so I used that for the cupcakes. I frosted them with chocolate, crumbled up some graham crackers to look like sand and made some adorable palm trees, stuck in our printable crashing airplanes and we were set!

Aren’t they CUTE!?!

After he read his note, opened his present, and put on his totally-awesome-not-nerdy “LOST” shirt, we went upstairs to the den where he opened up the door to THIS:

It was our “LOVE” lifeboat!

Ok, ok, so it was actually a kiddie pool full of pillows and blankets, but I thought it looked CLOSE enough to pass as a raft.

(Ya know…’cuz they crash on an island….you get it, right?!?)

Even our PETS loved it!

I decorated the room with a bunch of “Quarantined” signs – you can print off how ever many you think it will take to set the mood!

There was also a suitcase with clothes spilling out of it for effect.

(plane crash = suitcases everywhere)

And THEN… the yummy food!! You can get all the Dharma printables from a link we have at the end of the post – seriously ANY food you could imagine!

And here’s a super grainy {and cheesy} pic of my husband and I!!

(HEY!!  A new camera is on my “Wish List”….Santa?!?  Can you hear me??)

We cuddled up in our “raft” and watched episodes of Season 5 on our computer.  It was SUCH a fun night and he was SO surprised! Although it was a lot of work, his smile and appreciation made it ALL worth it!

If you are not a “LOST” fan, you can become one at


time!  It’s addicting – pretty interesting stuff!  🙂 


has them all online, you just have to watch annoying 30 second commercials every so often.  You can also watch them on


website (I believe they also have commercials).

This also does not have to be a date – you can use these ideas for a party!

Things you MAY find useful in planning your Lost Themed Night:

That’s ALL, folks!  Have a blast planning your “LOST” date/party!!

Diva Reader Update: 

Check out what one of our readers did inspired by this date idea. Wow!  AH-MAZING job Chrissie! Thanks for sharing!



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