3 Easy Ways to DIY Your Own Backyard Fire Pit — Kitchn

We’ve already gone on the record in favor of fire pits, and we’ll say it again: They’re the ultimate way to entertain in the summer (and even into the fall!). You can buy a ready-made freestanding fire pit, or dig a hole and stack a bunch of pavers yourself. Or you can try one of these super-easy DIY projects.

1. Washing machine drum turned fire pit

Sarah and Joe of House & Fig hit up a nearby appliance store to scavenge for parts to build a makeshift fire pit, and it worked — they got this old drum for just $10. (It’s also worth checking salvage yards if your initial search comes up empty.) The crafty couple used some pro-level tools and paid extra-close attention to detail, but as you’ll see in their instructions, a lot of their steps are totally optional.

The most important thing you’ll need is high-heat paint, so it doesn’t flake off when you light the fire pit. No one would ever guess your fire pit used to be part of a washing machine. We love the brilliance of the idea and how those perforated draining holes look when the flames dance around.

2. Galvanized tub turned fire pit

We’ve written about this clever hack before, but we just had to include it in this story. It’s just so smart and easy to pull off! All you have to do is put some unscented pillar candles inside a galvanized tub and light them. Just like that, you have instant mood lighting. Don’t have a galvanized tub? We’ve seen some folks use a metal wheelbarrow. Ingenious, right?

3. Planter turned fire pit

This fire pit from Hometalk was made with just three materials: a big ol’ terra-cotta pot, tin foil, and BBQ coals. Just line the pot’s walls with the foil for some protection and then light the coals.

Make a mini one for s’mores: No Grill? No Problem! You Can Still Make S’mores Outside!

Bonus: A DIY concrete fire pit

Okay, so this isn’t a particularly easy project, but it sure is pretty. The folks over at MadMade poured their own concrete bowl to create a super-modern fire pit. You can try casting your own or just pick up a planter from your local hardware store. They then added some gel fuel canisters and some rocks for a final zen-like touch.

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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