Best of the Season: 17 of Our Favorite Summer Picks from Target

Weather-wise, it may feel like summer practically year-round in some parts of the country (::cough:: South Florida ::cough::), but that carefree summer feeling doesn’t really set in (no matter where you are), until at least Memorial Day. Now that we’re in unofficial-official summer territory, we’re itching to bring some sunshine into our homes via fun and poppy decor. And because Target knows how to hit a home run when it comes to seasonal designs, we’ve rounded up our fave 18 summer-ready products from the retailer. Ready, set, summer.

  1. Oggi Stainless Steel Pineapple Tumbler with Straw Copper, $24.99: I don’t care if pineapples are “out”, you’ll have to pry them from my cold, dead fingers because I’ll always love this symbol of hospitality, especially in tumbler form (with straw!).
  2. Welcome Cactus Tufted Doormat, $12.99: Is there anything more welcoming than a cactus? Likely, yes, but this doormat is so summer-friendly and happy, it doesn’t really matter.
  3. Threshold Textured Stripe Throw Blanket, $24.99: Stripes and tassels? In multiple colors? What a time to be alive.
  4. Threshold Woven Tassel Lumbar Pillow, $24.99: If there’s anything I’m loving more than tassels and stripes lately, it’s pom poms. Ease into the jolly trend with this bright, poppy pillow with one at each corner.
  5. Xhilaration Green Cactus Sheet Set, Starting at $17.99: How could you not love these cactus sheets? These would make me smile every morning if they graced my queen mattress this summer.
  6. Stainless Steel Serving Bowl Light Blue, $14.99: This stainless steel bowl is perfect for your next outdoor party or BBQ. Use it to hold ice, fruits, chips…anything really.
  1. Pillowfort Llama Figural Table Lamp with Pom Pom Trim Shade, $34.99: I read somewhere that llamas are this year’s owl, and I think they were right. Trendy or not, how happy does this llama make you on a scale of 1 to winning the lottery?
  2. Threshold Navy Bird Throw Pillow, $24.99: Not a fan of llamas? Maybe try putting a (tropical!) bird on it.
  3. Threshold Gold Lantern Large, $24.99: Also available in a small size, this brass lantern is so chic, I can imagine a cluster on a deck, front porch or even indoors in a living room or dining table.
  4. Threshold Wire Woven Geo Basket Pink, $34.99: Brightly hued wire accessories are a nice, modern (and subtle) way to add a little color to your home. Give this one a try for storing blankets, larger toys, or even just empty, as decor.
  5. Threshold Hand Woven Wall Art, $29.99: I’m really digging the color palette here: Mostly neutral with some hints of navy, blush, gold, and maroon.
  6. Threshold Woven Seagrass Chair, $129.99: A little seagrass goes a long way to introduce a laid-back, casual (and beach-y) feel to your home.
  1. Oblong Melamine Serving Platter Tropical Floral, $4.99: Because you need to serve all that watermelon on something. It might as well be this great outdoor-friendly platter.
  2. Modern by Dwell Magazine Posture Chair and Ottoman Set Orange, $269.99: Such a great set to bring some life to your patio or backyard.
  3. Nate Berkus Black/White Kilim Accent Runner 1’10’x7′, $39.99: Flatweaves work well year-round, but they just feel right for summer.
  4. Picnic Backpack Set 13-Pc Blue, $29.99: Take your lunch or dinner to go with this fully equipped picnic backpack.
  5. Plastic 22oz Tall Tumbler Flamingo, $1.99: Are flamingos the next llama? I think they can cohabitate in peace, quite frankly.
  6. Threshold Pink Short Woven Basket, $24.99: Stash all those seasonal fruits (or seasonal hobbies) in this colorful basket! Great for your countertops, or even as art up on your wall!



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