Skip the Subway Tile: 9 Totally Gorgeous Alternatives for Your Kitchen

While we love the look of a classic white subway tile, we can’t help but get a little giddy when we see something a little bit more special. Adding a bold backsplash is a wonderful way to introduce something unexpected into your space. Select a stunning shape or bold color (or a stunning shape in a bold color) for a gasp-worthy backsplash that’ll transform your kitchen. Here are nine perfect options to get your inspiration gears churning.

We love a good fish scale tile, whether in a solid color or in varying shades (which creates an entirely new pattern all its own!). I especially love this use of tile in this space, which creates a wave-like print, because it’s actually my kitchen! They’re a custom design from Mercury Mosaics.

It’s hard to look past those gorgeous blue cabinets of this kitchen from Scandinavian kitchen brand Puustelli, but the backsplash hardly plays second fiddle. It features a bold color, a cool pattern and an eye-catching layout–it’s a triple threat. Plus, it’s sporting that totally cool unfinished look we’re totally crushing on right now.

From Fireclay Tile’s Instagram feed, this moody tile breaks up all that white throughout the rest of the kitchen well. It is a striking contrast against the white walls, appliances, countertops and cabinets (though maybe these have just a hint of blue in them?). This backsplash becomes the eye-catching feature of the space.

If you are looking for a twist on the traditional hexagon shape, consider your hunt over. This stretched out shape is the perfect way to add a little interest to your kitchen. Seen here in a kitchen via Rue Mag, homeowner and designer Melinda Faranetta turned to Tabarka Studio for their hand painted terracotta tiles; this tile in particular is their “Picket” design.

Try a herringbone pattern for a timeless take on a kitchen backsplash (and carry it over to the rest of the walls in your space for a totally bold, unforgettable look). Sure, you take your beloved white subway tile and recreate the motif, but better yet, give it a go in a fresh green shade, like in this kitchen from Gabbe.

The understated elegance of mother of pearl-toned square tiles is something that all kitchens should strive for. The subtle iridescence catches light beautifully and adds a dose of unexpected glamour to a simple space, such as in this kitchen from Milk Decoration.

While we are big fans of colorful kitchens, we still totally don’t blame you for wanting to be a little safe and choose something more neutral for your space. The white scallop backsplash of this kitchen from Digs Digs is exceptionally elegant, and while the color is basic, the shape is a standout.

Go ahead and go tiny! There is no need to go big with your backsplash, if you favor something small. Choose a teenie little tile to make a big impact in your space. The smaller, quickly repeating pattern in this kitchen from Centsational Girl feels timeless.

However, if you favor the bold and colorful things in life (now we’re talking!), pick a backsplash tile that speaks to that. This bright patterned pick from Cement Tile Shop may just be perfect for you (and a great example of how to temper a vibrant style—a little goes a long way).



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