A Unique Statement Wall Idea That’s Clever, Cheap & Chic

Everything about Aysu Sener‘s Dutch home is lovely. The color palette is warm and welcoming. A mix of textures adds an atmosphere of coziness. And of course, there’s Aysu’s beautiful macramé work. Upon closer reflection, though, the genius of Aysu’s interior design skills reveals itself. Her organic modern living room holds a secret: The statement wall behind the couch is show-stopping, unique and deceptively simple to recreate.

It’s a simple circle + shelf combo that looks more expensive than it is

What makes this statement wall so successful is that you don’t even notice how simple it is at first. The wall above the sofa is a perfect composition that complements the entire room. But when you break it down, detail by detail, you see that it’s a brilliant arrangement of a few elements that together, make a seriously stylish visual statement.

The main elements:

The main two components are a large painted green circle and a half-green, half-white floating wall shelf.

Aysu used the string, nail and pencil method to first draw the circle on the wall. (You can find a simple tutorial to follow on My Home, My Style.) Next, a floating shelf bisects the circle, and Aysu painted the part of the shelf that hangs over the circle with the same green paint.

Why it works:

To balance out the circle’s bold visual impact — as well as make the composition larger — Aysu also added art into the mix. On the shelf, a bold patterned tray cleverly mimics the larger green circle. A small print in a clipboard leans unassumingly on the white side of the shelf, making a cheap and easily interchangeable art display.

Aysu again added interest to her statement wall by hanging a beautiful patterned rug on the left side of the painted green circle.

Why this look is so successful:

The composition plays with your spacial perceptions. Your brain immediately recognizes the shape on the wall, but is thrown off (in a good way) when the shape is interrupted by other accessories. Your eye doesn’t immediately recognize the part of the shelf that overlaps the green color, causing a delightful surprise when you discover it.

And lastly, the whole composition is just — fresh and exciting. It’s not one big canvas or a gallery wall art collection of a bunch of different small art pieces. It’s wholly unique.

How to make this look your own:

This statement wall is a very affordable project. Depending on the size of your circle, you could get away with purchasing a small quart of paint, or even use leftover paint from another project. You probably already have string, a nail and a pencil laying around. IKEA sells very affordable white floating shelves. And you could even shop your home to find accessories to mix in with your circle composition.

Make the look yours: Play around with the size of the circle you paint on your wall. Or paint more than one circle. Install more than one shelf. Add round textured baskets to your composition. Or use this idea in another room of the house (wouldn’t this make a neat addition above a bed?).

More ideas for blank walls:

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