Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Have you ever heard that saying?  Home again, home again, jiggity jig?  My parents used to say it all the time when we returned home from vacation or a trip away, and I found myself saying it to my own kids today as we pulled into our driveway from our vacation to the Florida Keys this past week.  It’s always nice to be away, but it is definitely jig-worthy to come home!  We had such a great time.  It was the perfect balance of relaxing and activities, and it is alarming how many beach bars my children went to… which was not ENTIRELY my fault. Gracie acquired a taste for non-alchoholic strawberry daiquiris and she became a bar fly. I’m sure there will be terrible consequences for this later in her life, but I’ll think about that another day.




I will share all about our trip soon (I have SO. MANY. PICTURES.  Just prepare yourselves now…), but for now, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to those of you who have so generously given to our ClassMax Kickstarter campaign!  We have no idea if this is going to be successful or not, but your support makes us hopeful!  We still have 28 days left in our Kickstarter campaign, so if you would like to check out more about our new classroom management platform that we are developing for teachers, be sure you head over and check it out.  Even if you don’t contribute, the Kickstarter has a ton of information about what ClassMax offers to teachers and is a great overview of the product, which will launch in August.


The app will be $25 for a year-long subscription in August, but for MC readers who contribute now through the Kickstarter, not only will YOU receive a ClassMax subscription, but you will also receive a special one-year subscription to gift to a teacher-friend!  Just be sure to comment “MC reader!” in the Kickstarter when you leave your contribution information.  And remember, you don’t pay anything unless we reach our $15,000 goal, but whether we reach the goal or not, you receive your ClassMax subscription!




Okay, enough of that business.  I’m off to unpack my car and assess the damage.  One morning in the Keys, the kids went down to the van to get something out of it and they left one of the sliding doors open, unbeknownst to any adult.  About 20 minutes later, there was a torrential downpour.  My car was like a flood zone!  We managed to get it cleaned up (once I lost my mind on the kids and felt a tiny bit better about my life), but it still smells like a wet sock in there.  I’ve been reading online how to fix it and they suggested putting boxes of baking soda in the car to help with the moisture and smell.  I’ve done that for the last few days while we were in the Keys, but it and it helped with the moisture, but it still smells pretty gross.  A lot of what I read online also says we have to air out the van really well and then wet/dry vac it.  Which sounds great and very responsible, but I’m taking it to a place to have it professionally cleaned instead because I’m impatient and lazy.




Other than that, we are taking it easy for the next few days.  And by “taking it easy,” I mean doing about 10,000 loads of salty, sandy laundry.  Vacations are awesome, but they are messy!



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