It’s Time to Introduce Your Plants to Their Vintage Soulmate — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

I will never claim to have a green thumb. My local plant shop knows better than to try and sell me anything less than the most resilient greenery, and more than once I’ve tried to make dry leaves look gloomily intentional.

Despite my lack of gardening skills, I love to dig through plant-packed homes on Instagram and drool over the inventive ways people have thought to display their collection. Marketplace seller Amber of Mamakea Vintage is one of those talented Instagrammers, with a vintage planter collection that oozes relaxed, bohemian vibes. And lucky for you, it’s all for sale (and super-affordable)!

For those looking to combine a functional planter with an eye-catching piece of bohemian-style vintage art, this braided macrame piece is just the ticket. I like the idea of putting dangling vines on the bottom tier complimented by an air plant on the top, but the real beauty of this piece is the ability to customize to your liking!

Howdy partner, we’re thinking that your walls have been looking a little too…serious. I love everything about this vintage cowboy boot planter: aside from the fact it’s a sturdy way to keep air plants and cuttings secure, it’s a solid standout in a world of plain, minimalist designs. This would look perfect among a collection of other quirky, kitschy picks (of which Amber has even more to choose from!)

This hammered brass planter is not afraid to do some heavy-duty lifting for your plants. Whether you’re potting a sleek snake plant or big fiddle leaf fig tree, this planter will keep them stylishly secure. And just as is the case with the previous two picks, the subtle texture and etched designs mean you’re going beyond the level-one standard of terra cotta. And that’s the bottom line appeal of vintage: scoring something unlike anything else.



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