An Enviable Patio Makeover — Why It Works

Have you ever looked at an image of a room and just couldn’t help but smile? That’s exactly the reaction I had when I saw this happy-go-lucky patio makeover. It’s part of the home of Bri Emery from design blog Design Love Fest and every spot my eyed landed on was better than the next. Don’t make me pick my favorite part: the geometric concrete tile floors, all those amazing little seating nooks, the fringe-y umbrella (a DIY!!)…who could choose?

Slide the middle bar to see the “before” & “after”

Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel took Bri’s blank “before” canvas and created a haven that is perfectly in line with her style. Those amazing floors…they were there, as were the hanging lights near the seating alcoves, which were a fantastic foundation for Sarah to do her thing.

A dining area was a must for the expansive outdoor space. The wood table adds wonderful texture and a warmth to the bright, poppy colors throughout the room, as do the plethora of cacti and other greenery.

Pink outdoor fabric pops against white and slate-y blue walls. Sarah then piled on the pillows to make these lovely nooks extra cozy, while a mirror adds even more visual interest and makes the whole space feel like an indoor room that just happens to be outdoors!

Bri pictured with her designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel.

(Image credit: Tessa Neustadt)

I’d be remiss not to mention the nice touch of the black-and-white striped curtains above or the wire-frame dining chairs. The drapes lend a hint of Parisian chic, while the chairs feel totally Palm Springs modern. That melange works perfectly for Bri, who travels often and likely appreciates the references.

See more images of the patio, Sarah’s inspiration boards and shopping resources at Design Love Fest.



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