A Copenhagen Apartment Packs Some Seriously Clever Small Space Solutions — Yatzer

Let’s get this out of the way: at 145 square meters (or 1,560 square feet), this Copenhagen apartment is quite a bit larger than most of the “small” apartments we feature on this site. But it’s still a fairly modest footprint for a family home for four people, particularly by American standards, and the two designers who created it for themselves (and their two kids) have packed in a lot of space-saving features. Let’s take a look.

The fun begins in the living room, where a large, bench-like couch conceals storage underneath. Opposite the couch, the built-in cabinetry may look like your typical media wall, but it also incorporates several stools and small tables that can be pulled from the wall to serve in the living room whenever needed. (The gold sliding doors that conceal the TV are also a nice touch.)

A staircase separates the apartment’s kitchen and dining space from the guest room. On the dining room side, the space under the stairs serves as storage for dishes; on the bedroom side there are built-in cabinets. The glass divider is made from a special kind of glass that clouds up at the flip of a switch, so the guest room can serve as a private space—or a visual extension of the rest of the apartment.

In the guest room itself, a Murphy bed folds into the wall when not needed; there’s plenty of storage above. The beautiful mint-green wood floors continue into this space, helping to unite it with the kitchen.

In the kids’ room, adjacent to the living room, a huge wall of built-ins incorporates both sleeping space and play space. The parents’ room is up the stairs, so that they have an entire level to the themselves, providing them with a private space to retreat to even within the footprint of this relatively small family home.

You can see many more photos, and read more about the apartment’s design on Yatzer.

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