10 Affordable “Undercover” Favorites at IKEA Right Now — Cheap Thrills

It’s no secret IKEA is an amazing resource for thrifty furnishings and home decor. The robust super store has everything you could need to set up your home, though many items are incredibly recognizable. Sometimes, you just want something that looks nice, but doesn’t scream “I got this at IKEA!!!” Hold on to your hacked-FRAKTA hats, and discover our favorite 10 undercover home decor items to pick up right now at the Swedish retailer.

Caned furniture has a way of adding a timeless appeal to a room. Here, it’s paired with an overscale modern rocker silhouette for something totally fresh.

JASSA Rug, $59.99 for 5’3″x6’7″

Natural jute is super durable and wears beautifully. I love the addition of a loose graphic to bring some geometric interest to your bare floors.

A great Scandi minimal shape that looks just as good from the front as it does from the back. We see this one becoming a total staple in IKEA’s furniture lineup.

Put just about anything under a cloche, and you’ve got yourself a piece of art!

This set of 4 serving bowls are so beautiful, they could easily be left out as decor on a dining table or open kitchen shelving/island.

I just love the wood grain on this (it’s acacia), and could see it used all over the house: in your bathroom to hold up pretty bath or skincare goods, in your living room to create height on a console or coffee table, and certainly in the kitchen to gather oils, spices, or display a delectable set of donuts.

If you love the black-and-white appeal of the crazy popular Stockholm rug but want something a little more obscure, this new super graphic option is one to consider.

There are very few pink things in my home, but this is one of them, and it’s been a wonderful addition to my dinner table (whenever I actually “adult” enough to eat at my dinner table…and need a carafe).

Thanks in part to the design world’s collective love of everything boho, rattan is hot hot hot right now. So is velvet. So why not mix them together? IKEA thought so, too.

Since this was released earlier this year, I’ve been trying to figure out where it can fit into my own home. With little wall space left for furniture, I’m struggling, but it is my purpose to find a way. If you have open wall space, please, for me, add this to your home.

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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