Killer Color Palettes To Try if You Love Blue — Palette Pleaser

Blue is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors in home decor. Navy blue, cornflower blue, cobalt blue…hues of the incredibly versatile color stretch from humble, comfortable and relaxing to powerful, artistic and regal, depending on how the color is used (and what its paired with). So, if you love the color blue and are looking for ways to incorporate it into your home, read on to see five killer blue-centric palettes—all with totally different vibes—that would be perfect in any room of your home.


Designer Summer Thornton cooked up this vivacious breakfast nook for a two-bedroom apartment in Chicago, featured on Lonny. The mouth-watering palette is light, refreshing and feels like a sweet treat.

Color Palette

Whether on the walls or via textiles, start with a bright, clear blue as your foundation. Add to that a heavy helping of white, a sherbert-like orange and a lilac (like Summer did via the upholstery) to round out the room.


Though inky navy blue is the grounding color in this bedroom from Lonny, the space still feels fresh and inviting. To keep a room airy and happy when using dark colors, be sure to layer with plenty of crisp white textiles.

Color Palette

Navy and plum paired together can tend to feel a little heavy, but not when a zesty citron is added into the mix. The additional layer of a humble country blue (like the one on the wallpaper’s stripes) creates a complex yet easily digestible color combination.


The fellas at Consort know what they’re doing when it comes to creating a sophisticated yet light-hearted environment in the homes they design. This room feels soothing yet alive; it’s hard to stop staring at it, don’t you think?

Color Palette

Whether you choose to go with a light Parisian blue or a rich indigo as the base of your room palette, you can’t go wrong, honestly. To that, some oatmeal-colored beige, a mix of crisp and off whites, and a touch of blush makes for a totally dreamy design scenario.


It doesn’t get much happier than the delightful bedroom of Mel and Ryan Tonkin.

Color Palette

The main color in this room may be white (and whispery light gray), but the bulk of the heavy hue lifting comes from the denim blue bedspread. Golden yellow pillows and vibrant fuchsia create a color family that is eye-catching, refreshing and energizing.


Blue is one of those colors that supports itself; add some white and natural textures, and you’ve got yourself a palette. Here, Emily Henderson went along with that notion to great effect, resulting in a room that’s bright and feels like a breath of fresh air.

Color Palette

The key is to start with a bright white base and then bring in blues of all shades. Try navy, cobalt, teal…all together in the same room. Pepper in a little variety with lush green plantings (or some accents in the verdant color).



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