Ladies & Gentleman, Anthropologie is Having a Huge Sale

Oh the majesty that is Anthropologie. The second you walk through the doors of that magical retail land, it is like the intoxicating scent of the 27 candles they have burning at any given moment puts you under a spell. It makes you think “sure, I should totally spend $98.50 on this artisanal mug, because it was made by a real person…with their hands. I’m supporting the arts!” Oh…that’s just me? Well, either way, guess what? Stop the presses, because they are having a sale, and we’re talking up to 50% off, people! Here’s what we can barely contain ourselves from adding into our carts at this very moment.

The site doesn’t mention the end date of the sale, unfortunately, but our guess is that it goes through the end of the weekend. Another bonus? If you are an AnthroPerk member, you’ll receive free shipping on purchases over $150 (though note that furniture has an additional fee for delivery).

Kitchen & Dining

If you covet Anthropologie’s eclectic collection of platters, bowls, pitchers, glassware and beyond, now’s your chance to stock up on all their artisanal goods. Some of our favorites include ombre glasses, a rattan-wrapped wall shelf and brass serving spoons.


There are so many fantastic furniture pieces on sale right now at Anthro, but if we had to pick some our our favorites (twist our arm, why don’t you), these would have to be them. I mean, that hammock…what a treat for summer! And don’t get us started on that canopy bed. What a dream!

Bedding, Lighting & Decor

Lighting, knobs, curtains, bedding and more! Plus, any opportunity we have to buy a cloche, on sale no less, we’ll take!

Check out everything that’s on sale right now here (it’s not just home decor and furniture items, either).



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