Outrageously Gorgeous Wallpapered Rooms On Instagram This Week

I have a nightly routine of sitting on the sofa after dinner (before I carry on with tidying up, reading, or whatnot) and catching up on my Instagram feed from the day. Likely I’m not alone here, nor am I alone, surely, when it comes to oohing and ahhing over gorgeous interiors, bookmarking as I go, but then quickly forgetting what I saved. Well, lately, I’ve started going back to review my picks and I noticed something: everything I dogeared this week (with the exception of recipes and ridiculous memes I share with my bffs) involved a room with wallpaper.

Frankly, I shouldn’t be surprised at myself for this. I love print-heavy textiles and wallpaper. Always have, always will. If you’re a wallpaper connoisseur as I am, enjoy this stroll through some totally gorgeous rooms (and get ready to start following some new accounts).

The turquoise Otomi wallpaper in this already drop-dead gorgeous bathroom from AT’s very own feed stopped me in my tracks.

Another gem from AT’s Instagram page, originally from @fleamarketfab. I can’t get enough of the texture here, and how every piece (that lamp, that console, that rug, that art, that wallpaper!!!) may be a showstopper on their own, but they all still live in glorious harmony together.

Designed by @changoandco, shared by @colorstuffdesign, I’m totally pining over this precisely haphazard dining room.

Oh how I have a soft spot for animal motif wallpaper. This powder room, shared by @goodwordpr, proves luxe wallpaper company @degournay can monkey around and still look totally chic.

Whoa. That’s the first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw this on @housebeautiful‘s Instagram. Can I get a round of applause for designer Schuyler Samperton who created this beauty of a room?

I’ll take tassels no matter what medium they come in. On a camel pillow? Yes! On wall-to-ceiling Hygge & West wallpaper? Absolutely!

“Well this is just adorable. Period.” I agree with what @megmade said regarding this totally, well…adorable, wall treatment from @wallpaperdirect.

Okay, so this isn’t wallpaper, but it is amazing pattern on a wall, so I felt it important to share this masterpiece from @pophamdesign.

What do you think? Which is your favorite? Who are some of your favorite home decor Instagram accounts to follow that leave you loopy with inspiration? Share in the comments below!

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