Inspire Summer Dinner Party Envy with this Tableware Collection — Maxwell’s Fantastic Find

It is now OFFICIALLY summer and there is no better way to celebrate than by having a summer dinner party with your family or friends. I was inspired by the solstice to share a find that — yes, I know — I already technically “found”: my tableware collaboration with Canvas Home. And to help kick off your most stylish en plein air meal, Canvas Home is giving Apartment Therapy readers a special discount code. Your dream tabletop is at your fingertips!

Classic, simple, stylish. I got to design the tableware that I actually wanted to have in my home

(Image credit: Rinne Allen)

The Backstory

For years I’ve been looking for the perfect set of tableware. Classic, simple, and able to walk that nuanced line of being both useful and stylish. I could never quite find it. Back in 2015, I was having dinner and discussing my dilemma with my good friend Andrew Corrie (also the man behind Canvas Home) and his wife Harriet (also the woman behind Ochre), and they suggested I design it myself for Canvas Home to sell. I jumped at the opportunity. While it started with drinking glasses, it quickly expanded to a full collection including linens, plates, bowls, and mugs, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Doesn’t matter if it’s wine or juice… these glasses can do double duty.

(Image credit: Rinne Allen)

How It Works

I was originally inspired by a set of French glasses I bought over a decade ago. They were super thin, lightweight, and came in three different sizes. And with only these three, I had everything I needed for any drinking occasion. I wanted there to be the same spirt of practicality for all of the pieces of the collection. You can read more about all the individual options here, but suffice it to say we kept it simple. The matte white and glossy grey are meant to complement one another, but you can always stick to one color if that’s your vibe. The linens add the simple accent of color. And the warm grey mark on each piece of stoneware is my own subtle signature.

The creamy white and the warm grey were made to complement one another — I personally love to mix and match them.

(Image credit: Rinne Allen)

Perfect For

Any host or hostess who wants a traditional, timeless collection of tableware. It has a contemporary twist and can be mixed and matched with other pieces. It’s practical enough to use everyday and elegant enough to dress up for a special occasion. I might be biased, but this collection is everything I need for my meals — breakfast, lunch, dinner, entertaining or not. I’ve got a set at home I use everyday and a set in the office that the entire staff enjoys. And I want to share it with YOU!

Get 20% off the entire Maxwell Ryan collection from Canvas Home by entering code MAXWELL20 at checkout!

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