Where to Put all That Toilet Paper in Your Teeny-Tiny Bathroom

One of the most troubling things about a tiny bathroom is the lack of storage, and one of the most troubling things about the lack of storage is: where are you going to put all the toilet paper? You could, of course, only buy a few rolls at a time, and find yourself in constant panicked schleps to the store, but that is not a life that anybody wants to live. In lieu of that, you could get creative about finding places to sock away a few extra rolls. Here are some of our favorites.

Wall-mounted shelves above the toilet are a great way to add a little art, or a few tchotckes, and beautiful your bathroom—but they can also be a great spot for TP storage, too (as seen on Brooklyn Limestone).

This toilet paper stand, from Japanese brand Yamazaki, only holds three rolls, but what it lacks in capacity it makes up for in looks. It’s available for $25.85 from Amazon.

CB2’s answer to the toilet paper stand is almost sculptural, and holds up to five rolls. Brass toilet paper storage tower, $29.95 from CB2.

Yamazaki also makes this toilet paper stocker, basically a small cabinet with a lift-off lid which holds bounteous amounts of toilet paper (up to 12 rolls!) and dispenses them discretely from a little hole at the bottom. Yamazaki toilet paper stocker, $49.08 from Amazon.

Sure, you could just stack rolls of toilet paper above the toilet, but putting them in a basket, like in this bathroom from Country Living, just looks so much nicer.

This photo from Houzz is evidence that mounting a shelf above your door will provide you with a spot for a whole, whole lot of toilet paper.

If you have the floor space, a basket (like this one from Love Warriors) is an attractive place to store your toilet paper—and one that your guests will have no trouble finding.

This rattan and abaca basket, available for $49 from Pottery Barn, is both a toilet paper dispenser and a toilet paper holder. Genius.

Here’s a practical, and quite beautiful, solution from Martha Stewart: stack toilet paper rolls inside a tall, round glass vase.

At 4.7″ wide, this little cart is big enough for a roll of toilet paper (and for multiples on the lower tiers, if you stack them) but still small enough to tuck into the narrowest spot between a toilet and a vanity, or a toilet and a wall. Tower Bathroom Storage Cart, $69 from Urban Outfitters.

IKEA‘s super-versatile Trones shoe storage boxes are only seven inches deep, which makes them perfect for TP storage, and perfect for tucking into small nooks and crannies.

Here’s another use of the Trones storage boxes from one of our house tours—four affixed to the wall of this small bathroom and toilet paper stacked neatly in between.

My toilet paper solution for my own tiny bathroom is a Componibili, a slightly strange and very useful little cabinet that tucks neatly into tight corners—and also provides a convenient spot for stacking things on top.

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