The Refrigerator Really Makes the Room: A Colorful Rainbow of Smegs

“That refrigerator really makes the room” is a thought I never would’ve thought I’d have. But that was before I discovered Smeg fridges. This Italian brand makes retro-style refrigerators in every color of the rainbow, and if you’re in a room with one, you might find it hard to look at anything else.

In this kitchen of this renovated farmhouse in the Spanish city of Girona, all eyes are on the pink (or is it lavender?) Smeg, which seems to almost float against a background of light blue plaster. You can see the whole thing on Nuevo Estilo.

How to make your all-white kitchen unforgettable? Add a cherry-red fridge, as seen in this space from That Nordic Feeling.

An orange Smeg is the perfect finishing touch for a quirky, colorful family kitchen from IKEA Family Live, via Planete Deco.

I’m delighted by the contrast between the somberness of the cabinets and backsplash and the cheerful yellow of the smeg fridge in this kitchen spotted on House to Home. (I also like how the yellow motif carries from room to room.)

In this Swedish kitchen from Fastighetsbyran, via Planete Deco, a lime-green Smeg adds an unexpected burst of color.

For their studio kitchen, the folks at Sugar & Cloth selected this pale green Smeg.

This Smeg fridge, spotted in North Carolina floral studio from Glitter Guide, is an irresistible cobalt blue.

This is the kitchen of Haleigh Chastain Walsworth’s dreamy Paris apartment, spotted on The Everygirl. The entire apartment works a color palette of soft pastels, and the kitchen, which features a light-blue Smeg fridge, is no exception.

And finally there’s this Smeg that’s just plain white, if you can call a fridge this beautiful plain. In this kitchen from Delightfull, it turns the neutral cabinets/colorful fridge setup of the other kitchens on its head, setting up a delightful contrast.



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