When Two Trends Collide: 9 Beautiful Pink Velvet Sofas

Whether you see it as a throwback to the ’80s or a reflection of changing attitudes about femininity, there’s a particular shade of light, slightly-muted pink whose ubiquitousness is as complete as it was sudden. Call it millennial pink, or dusty pink, or rose quartz—it’s everywhere, and it’s the color that every eye seems drawn to. So we’ve created this roundup of sofas where pink, the color of the moment, meets velvet, the fabric of the moment.

Hey look, a luxurious pink velvet sofa in a price you can actually (kind of) afford.

The beautiful curves on this thing have my heart beating a little faster. I already have a sofa, but I wouldn’t want it to know the way I look at this one.

Another sofa I would cheat on my sofa with. Don’t you just want to sink into all that plush goodness?

The simple design of this sofa allows the luxe fabric to really shine.

A more traditionally styled sofa, in a fabric to die for.

This feels very mid-century to me, like something Betty Draper would have in her living room if Betty Draper were just a bit more badass.

Another slouchy, stylish, pink velvet sofa (and one that’s equally attractive from the back as from the front).

This pink velvet Milo Baughman sofa is quite an investment, but it’s one of a kind—and it sure is a stunner.

And then there’s this beauty, with Baroque curves rendered in plush upholstery—worthy of a modern-day Marie Antoinette.

Love a pink sofa but not ready to bite the bullet? Check out more sofa round ups here:

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