Look We Love for Kitchen Remodels: Backsplash Windows

Everyone wants their kitchen to be sunny, right? But this often presents a bit of a challenge, since every bit of wall that you use for windows is a bit of wall on which you can’t put cabinets. It’s tough to choose between storage and sunshine — but what if you didn’t have to? Enter the backsplash window.

It’s a pretty simple concept: a backsplash that’s also a short, very wide window. It’s something that will really only work for more modern homes, since this shape of window might look a little out of place on say, a Victorian or Tudor home. But it’s undeniably beautiful, and a perfect way to bring a little touch of the unexpected — and a lot of natural light — into your kitchen.

Up top: In this Australian kitchen from Inside Out, washing dishes feels a bit less like a chore, thanks to an expansive view of the outdoors.

This kitchen from Architect Prineas takes things one step further with windows both above and below the cabinets.

In this kitchen from Cantilever Interiors, a wood-framed open shelf echoes the wood-framed backsplash window.

Spotted on Arch Daily: here’s one way to bring a warm, natural touch into your super-modern kitchen.

In this kitchen from Inside Out, washing dishes, or prepping food, always yields a glimpse of the outdoors — almost as if the whole kitchen were an outdoor space.

A backsplash window adds an unexpected touch, and a bit of natural light, to a kitchen by Norm Architects. The wood frame of the window adds a touch of warmth to a modern space, and helps to tie the kitchen in with the rest of the home.

And finally there’s this unusual backsplash window from Arch Daily, which defies the idea of a typical backsplash but also defies the idea of a typical backsplash window by being shaped like a funky triangle. The rest of the house is pretty cool, too.

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