Eke Out More Space: Stylish Storage Cabinets for Small Living Rooms — Annual Guide 2017

Let’s say you live in a tiny apartment, and the storage space in your closets (and under your bed, and above your kitchen cabinets) is pretty much maxed out. There are a few options available to you. You could create a bonfire with all of your possessions, or you could get creative, possibly by eking a little storage out of a place you might never have thought to find it: like the living room.

Where is this magical living room storage you may ask? Living rooms typically don’t have closets, and the space under the couch is a lot smaller than the space under the bed. The answer is: cabinets. If your living room has even a short stretch of spare wall space, it is ripe for a cabinet. Find a cabinet, put your things in it, and watch your storage woes disappear. Here area a few ideas.

Note: A lot of these cabinets have glass doors, which presents a nice opportunity to display treasured objects, but also a bit of a challenge because being able to see everything that’s in your cabinet can contribute to visual clutter. The solution? Corral clutter in storage boxes, and mix them with books and curios for a cabinet that’s organized and intriguing.


A combination storage cabinet and bookcase with a little style and a very friendly price.

This navy display cabinet is a great way to add a little color (and a lot of storage!) to your living room.

This cabinet is designed specifically for storing handbags, but it could easily be used for other kinds of storage.

The faux wood grain gives this glass storage cabinet more than a little style.

Tall and relatively narrow, with a spot for a record player but also plenty of storage for other items, too.

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Load this thing up with boxes and you can fit pretty much everything you own in it.

Tall and commodious — and the mirrored back is a nice surprise.


Elegant detailing, and a nice combination of cabinets and drawers.

Great for storage, but also for making a big statement.

This display cabinet has plenty of storage, and a beautiful, classic style.

Take your storage all the way to the ceiling with this tall, narrow option.

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