Sushi, Scavenger Hunts, and Summer Night Shenanigans

This past holiday weekend, Chris was itching for a project.  Originally, I suggested that we paint the kitchen.  This, of course, led to an entire kitchen renovation, which is still ongoing.  More on that good time later…


But Saturday night, we needed to make a trip to the hardware store to pick up one little thing for the kitchen project, so we decided to grab dinner at our favorite sushi place first and make a night of it.  



We’ve taken the kids here before and they love the chicken teriyaki and rice, so we ordered that for them to share, plus some edamame for the table.  This time, though, when mine and Chris’s sushi arrived, we somehow convinced them to try a piece and it might have been the highlight of my summer so far.  Their faces were hysterical!

Bean was skeptical at first…


And he almost liked it…


But… No.


And then it was Gracie’s turn. She was so hopeful!



But things quickly went downhill…


And then she started sweating and regretting her life choices…




And that’s when we realized she had eaten a piece of a spicy tuna roll instead of the milder roll we gave to Bean! Poor Gracie! We felt awful (but we still laughed a whole lot).


When we got to the hardware store, we discovered they were having a 4th of July scavenger hunt for a chance to win $100 and Chris and the kids jumped right in!


What started as a short little errand to run became a pretty fun game for everyone! The kids were running around like crazy looking for all the products they had to find, and Chris was right there with them. They were the cutest!


(He’s singing Journey…)


I love nights like this. When you set out to do one thing and end up doing something completely unexpected.


Isn’t that what summer nights are for???



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