A Clean & Classic 1920s Michigan Home — House Tour

Name: Justin Pelcher
Location: Metro Detroit — Pleasant, Michigan
Size: 1,650 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years

Justin is a Detroit native, a luxury retail manager, a workout-aholic and a neat freak. But most of all, Justin loves redoing houses and seeing something ugly become beautiful. That’s just what he was able to do with his house in Pleasant. Built in 1928, it was one of the first homes ever built in the Pleasant Ridge area, so though it had historic charm, it needed updating. Justin was able to modernize the space, but also able to preserve its classic beauty.

“My home has been an important part of my life. It offers me something that is constant and comforting. For me, coming home at the end of a day to a place that speaks to me — visually and emotionally — helps me achieve my ‘zen.’

…I create settings that I love and enjoy. And I share my stories with the people I interact with. My home is my hobby. Others find passions in different things but to me, I love to paint my surroundings and express myself. I created the ultimate refuge for me and those I care about to enjoy,” describes Justin of his home design hobby.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: I love a clean, modern look, but also believe in keeping original classic details of the home.

Inspiration: Mid-century, Bauhaus, Hollywood Regency

Favorite Element: My closet! Making a bedroom into a closet is the best decision ever!

Biggest Challenge: The small kitchen was a challenge and I had to make the best with the space I had.

What Friends Say: “Looks like its from a magazine!” and “Why are you not doing design for a living?”

Biggest Embarrassment: The basement!

Proudest DIY: Hanging light fixtures. These old houses have the worst wires!

Biggest Indulgence: Marble fireplace

Best Advice: Don’t make all of your design choices right away when getting a new place. Live in the space and see how you live in the house.


Thanks, Justin!

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