The Best Furniture We Found This Week Under $100 — Cheap Thrills

Filling your home with furniture you love takes time (and money). We’re all for holding out for as long as necessary to invest in quality items meant to last decades (if not generations), but sometimes, there are bits and pieces that are totally okay to pick up quickly to fill a need. Throwing a shindig in the next few weeks and need a stylish way to serve up happy hour? Have an empty corner in need of a little reading chair? Looking for added storage for your rental bathroom? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, read on for 11 of our favorite furnishings we found this week under $100.

Squeeze in a little cocktail hour no matter your square footage with this petite cart (it’d also be great for a bathroom!).

Two tables for the price of (less than) one! Use them together for a unique take on the coffee table or for two separate seating areas to place down your drinks, books or decorative items.

A blue acrylic side table isn’t for everyone, but for those looking to add a little dash of something unexpected, this is just the ticket.

Use this as a nightstand or side table, in your bathroom to store extra towels and toiletries or in an office or studio area to hold books.

Speaking of storing books…this piece would be great behind a sofa or even in a larger bathroom with baskets to double as a linen closet.

Because who doesn’t need a beautiful way to store all those shoes left by the front door?

Thanks to the booming trend of boho interiors, rattan has made a huge comeback. Coming in at just under $100, here’s a classic chair in the natural material that will look beautiful in your home for years (decades?) to come.

An Eames-style chair plus a rich hunter green? We’re sold.

Got a sad little empty corner in your living room or bedroom? This sweet little velvet chair will surely bring life to it (just add books!).

Barstools can add up, considering you usually need at least two (though usually three or four) of them for your breakfast bar or counter-height table. At under $140 a pair (they’re sold separately), this minimal and modern piece won’t set you back a fortune.

Even more affordable still is this French country style rattan barstool. Modern farmhouse, anyone?



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