10 Beautiful (& Handmade!) Etsy Finds for Your Kitchen

Though we can totally see the appeal of mass-produced goods (easy to come by, usually pretty affordable), no space is really complete without a dash of the handmade. The character that an artisanal product lends to an interior far and beyond outdoes anything you can find at a big box store. Hence, why we love Etsy and all its indie makers, particularly those making goods for the kitchen. If your kitchen could use a touch of a human hand, why not try these 10 gorgeous finds on for size to spruce up the heart of your home.

Pegboard by The Peg Wall Co, $184.99

If you find that your shelving needs shift regularly, a pegboard will change everything for you. This complete system can also be customized with The Peg Wall Co to get just what you need for your kitchen.

This sweet little jug is perfect for storing olive oils and vinegars (if you add a cork topper), or use it as a pitcher for sangria!

Keep that basil, thyme and rosemary looking incredibly stylish right on your countertop in this wooden herb planter.

Available in a handful of other neutral colors (we also love the matte black), this utensil holder has a great handmade quality that will add heaps of character to your countertops.

Linen washes beautifully, wears beautifully and absorbs beautifully. Basically, it’s beautiful all around and perfect for tea towels.

How adorable is this ceramic sponge holder? Add one to your sink area in any of the nine colors available.

The watercolor-like glazing gives these espresso mugs a gorgeous ethereal look.

Remember what we said about linen above (with regards to the tea towels)? The same applies here for this apron. Durable, absorbent, easy-to-wash, all with a humble, beautiful quality.

Serving watermelon in a watermelon serving bowl…how meta. Check out Vegetabowls’ other fruit and vegetable-shaped pieces (they all have such a welcomed retro vibe).

There’s no reason you shouldn’t store your flour, sugar and beyond in gorgeous modern and minimalist canisters such as these.

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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