Double the Fun: The Shower That’s the Secret to a Happy Marriage

Confession: I have never had the pleasure of showering in a bathroom with more than one showerhead, but I have it on good authority (that is, on the authority of various members of the Apartment Therapy team) that, if you enjoy showering with another person, two showerheads (and two sets of controls) is the way to go. This way, no one person is hogging the stream, and you can set the water at just the intensity and temperature that you like. Also, you’ll never have to worry about being late to work because your partner was hogging the shower.

This is basically like the two duvets trick, but for a bathroom: a genius solution for sharing something that is particularly difficult to share (bedclothes, a stream of running water). It might even save your marriage! Okay, maybe that’s going a little too far.

Above: Two showerheads make this marble-and-mirror-clad bathroom from Architectural Digest even more luxurious.

This well-lit and well-watered shower, from Cottages & Gardens, looks like a little getaway, but it’s actually located in a home right in the middle of Brooklyn’s busy Williamsburg neighborhood.

Although the two showerheads are great, the thing I love most about this bathroom from My Domaine is the gorgeous tile (and the beautiful end detail).

From Inside Out, an open shower whose beautiful styling (and generous proportions) make it the centerpiece of the room.

This gorgeous shower from Houzz, almost completely covered in marble, has plenty of room for two. (The sink looks pretty generous, too.)

Two showerheads, and a clawfoot tub, make the most of an attic bathroom from Country Living. The shower is completely open, but the curb keeps water from running to other parts of the bathroom.

The black and white color scheme (with a touch of antique brass) makes this bathroom from Homes to Love stand out.

The fixtures in this luxurious double shower from House Beautiful are made from exposed brass, which is meant to patina over time, for a gracefully aged look. The shower shelf (on the left) is a nice detail, and a good way to keep bottles from cluttering up the shower floor.

This luxurious shower from Marble Fino has not one, not two, but three showerheads. No word on what the middle one is for.

There’s quite a lot going on in this bathroom from Atlanta Homes: two showerheads, two hand sprayers, and two sets of jets that look like they’re meant to spray the side of the body. I imagine that showering here is a luxurious, if initially somewhat confusing, experience.

And finally, one more treat, from a Mykonos hotel spotted on Flodeau: a double shower in the out of doors. Start booking your vacation now.



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